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Just started playing fantasy life, any tips for a newbie?

Tip: Don’t worry about leveling up your character that much. It is good to work on your life between story chapters, but the game changes the level of characters during storyline cutscenes to match yours. I would recommend aiming for being level 30 or a bit below that by the end of the game (which is easy to achieve). But if you do want to level up a lot, go for it! This is a game that lets you do what you want too.

Tip (2): Send me your friend code on 3ds, and I'll hook you up with some good stuff, being a master blacksmith and paladin. As for the tip, start out as paladin, then go for either wizard or blacksmith afterwards. A lot of stuff is unlocked after you do the paladin life. (Pm to OoLunar)

Tip (3): Do not spend all of your status points on one stat. It will bite your butt later when you change life licenses. (Really? I maxed out Int pretty early on as an alchemist and I think it worked out really well when I changed to wizard.)

Tip 4: Pick a gathering class as your first Life. This allows you to begin accumulating valuable crafting materials easily. Pair it with the corresponding gathering class and a combat class. Miner, Blacksmith, and either Paladin or Mercenary are great choices if you like tanking.

Have fun!