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クローネ, Kurōne
She may just look like a cat, but don't be fooled. She is an exceptionally skilled Wizard Master.
Character Information
Gender Female
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Relatives Esmerelda (Summoner)
Lives East Castele
Life Magician

Jinx is the Life master of the Magicians, and as such gives the majority of Star Quests to players. She is a talking black cat who frequently makes cat-related puns, such as pawsitively (positively), and is located in East Castele. After the avatar reaches the Master Rank, Esmerelda mentions that she'd been following the avatar's progress the entire time by watching through Jinx's eyes. Hazel has to keep her on task the first time you speak to her. She is easily distracted but smart.

After the player reaches the rank of God in the Magician Life and accepts the Magician's Special Request for the first time, they will be able to invite Jinx to their party.

Jinx's abilities in battle as a party member include a fire attack that gets most of its power from trapping enemies in its large area of effect. This attack looks very similar to Wall of Fire only it has a much larger AOE. Jinx's second attack involves them rolling around in a deceivingly adorable manner as destructive pillars of light appear to Jinx's left and right, quickly stacking up damage on any enemy unlucky enough to get caught in this attack's area of effect. Their third and most powerful attack is exactly the same the final attack of Meteodrive, and relies on pure power rather than stack damage. Jinx can also heal themselves, and occasionally the player, by about 400+ HP.

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