アイザック, Aizakku
Angler Transparent.png
"A young man hooked on fishing. He studies under the Fisherman Sage, treating him like family."
Character information
Gender Male
Nickname(s) Unknown
Hometown Castele
Relatives Unknown
Rank Angler
First appearance Fantasy Life

Isaac is an Angler in Castele. He resides in house by the river in West Castele with Fisherman Sage, whom he offered a place to stay, and thinks of him as a grandfather figure. He dreams of travelling Reveria one day, in search of bigger fish to fry (and catch).

Isaac is something of a mascot for the Angler Life, being featured prominently in Fantasy Life’s media.



During daytime, he can be found just outside of his house in West Castele.

In the evening, he can be found inside of his house.

Rank Rewards and Challenges

  • Unlocks the "As Tasty as Decorative" / "What a Trophy!" quest upon reaching the rank of Fledgling

As an Ally

Isaac can be recruited into the player's party as an Ally once they reach the rank of Adept in the Angler life.

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