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Ice Spooky
Ice spooky.png
Enemy information
Location(s) Mt Snowpeak Summit
Possible drop(s) Sapphire, Mooncrest Wand
Enemy level Silver
Bounty Yes
Bounty rewards 750 Dosh + Sapphire / Mooncrest Staff
Approx. health 300 HP
Nature Aggressive

Ice Spook (Ice Spooky in America) is an enemy in Fantasy Life. It can be found on Mt Snowpeak Summit. The Ice Spooky can be found past the Silverfang enemy on the hill towards the Napdragon's Nest.

Related Quests

Defeat the Ice Spooky as a Magician to complete:

  • Adept Magician challenge "Snowpeak Spooky" (250 stars)