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Pam's House (and offices for Homes by Pam). Above that is the Attic Room, the player's starting house.

Homes by Pam is Pam's real-estate office just below the Attic Room in Castele Square house where a player can talk to her about moving houses or obtain Lunares Coin quests if you have the Origin Island DLC.

Moving houses[]

You have the ability to move house as long as you have finished Flutter's request Attic with a View. In addition, Pam will not be able to talk to you about moving house if it is night-time in your game. In this case, come back when it is daytime.

Note: In order to move house, you must pack up everything in your old house and place them into your storage. To do this quickly, while in your room tap "My room", "Rearrange", "Remove", then "All".

House name (location) Payment (dosh) Special requirements
Attic Room (Castele Square) 3500
Dilapidated House (Castele Artisans' District) 6000
Log Cabin (South Castele) 12000
Manor House (Castele Shopping District) 30000 Finish the main story and all of Flutter's requests

Lunares Coins[]

Main article: Lunares Coins

Players who have purchased the Origin Island DLC can obtain one Lunares Coin quest every (Reverian) day by talking to her face-to-face, instead of over the counter.

Also, an Exchange Clerk will appear sitting to the left of Pam's counter. The clerk enables you to exchange Lunares Coins for special prizes.

Gallery of houses[]

Note: The Attic Room house is above Homes by Pam, shown by the photo at the top of the page.