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A Holiday Home is a purchasable house in any town outside of Castele. To view the houses in Castele please see: Homes by Pam.

You can fast travel to any of your Holiday Homes at any time by tapping "Map" on the touch screen, then "Go Home" to view your list of holiday homes. Note that you can not perform this function if you are carrying a bounty or are using multiplayer mode. Each Holiday Home can be decorated by the player with decor and gives a certain amount of room. The amount of furniture you can put in each room varies.

The base game allows you to have three homes: one in Castele, one in Port Puerto, and one in Al Maajik. If you purchase the Origin Island DLC you will gain access to the Elderwood Home and the Levitania (Terra Nimbus) Home. When you finish the Origin Island story you unlock the Origin Island Home.

Holiday homes Price Location Photo
Port Puerto Hoilday Home 50,000 Dosh Port Puerto Palace Way
Al Maajik Hoilday Home 100,000 Dosh Al Maajik Spelltown
Al majikk.jpg
Elderwood Village Holiday Home(Requires DLC) 150,000 Dosh Elderwood Village
Levitania (Terra Nimbus) Holiday Home(Requires DLC) 200,000 Dosh Plushling Camp
Origin Island Holiday Home(Requires DLC) 300,000 Dosh Forest Shrine