The Guild Office is a place where players can change their life, turn in a bounty or change communication settings. There is a guild office located in Castele Square, Port Puerto Palace Way and Al Maajik Sandtown.


These clerks can be found in any guild office. Talk to a clerk to get something done, or make them explain their function.

Communication Settings ClerksEdit

Note: These clerks can only be found in the Castele Guild Office.

  • StreetPass Clerk: Configure StreetPass settings or check people you have meet through StreetPass.
  • Link Clerk: Explains Link Mode, multiplayer mode and snapshots.
  • Multiplayer Clerk: Allows you to use mulltiplayer mode through local wireless connection or the internet.

Exchange BoxEdit

The Exchange Box can only be found in the Castele Guild Office. It allows you to trade items with other players while using multiplayer.

Note: When using the Exchange Box, make sure to remove all items before ending a multiplayer session, otherwise any items inside the box may be lost.

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