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The Guild Office is a place where players can change their life, turn in a bounty, or change communication settings. There is a guild office located in Castele Square, Port Puerto Palace Way, and Al Maajik Sandtown.


These clerks can be found in any guild office. Talk to a clerk to get something done or make them explain their function. Bounty clerks can also appear near boss stages, like the Ancient Tower.

Communication Settings Clerks[]

Note: These clerks can only be found in the Castele Guild Office.

  • StreetPass Clerk: Configure StreetPass settings or check people you have meet through StreetPass.
  • Link Clerk: Explains Link Mode, multiplayer mode and snapshots.
  • Multiplayer Clerk: Allows you to use multiplayer mode through local wireless connection or the internet.

Exchange Box[]

The Exchange Box can only be found in the Castele Guild Office. It allows you to trade items with other players while using multiplayer.

Note: When using the Exchange Box, make sure to remove all items before ending a multiplayer session; otherwise, any items inside the box may be lost.