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The Grassy Plains is a location in Reveria. The Grassy Plains is located near South Castele. Via the East Grassy Plains you can travel to the West Grassy Plains where Farley's Plantation and Florina's House are placed. On the west side the East Grassy Plains is Haniwa Cave. If you travel to the north east on East Grassy Plains, you reach the Elderwood and Mt. Snowpeak.

On the map, Haniwa Cave is marked a little bit off. Don't let that discourage you for it can actually be found very easily. You will need to visit Haniwa Cave for the first set of Missions of both the Mage and the Miner.

You can also reach Mt. Snowpeak and Tortuga by crossing the Grassy Plains.

Information []

"A sweeping pasture with flowers to pick and trees to chop down. Don't relax too much though, mother nature has some more monstrous creations that want to have you for dinner!"


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