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ミコ, Miko
Grace profile.png
"A Shrine Maiden at the island shrine. Grandchild of the Spring Elder."
Character information
Gender Female
Nickname(s) Unknown
Hometown Origin Island
Relatives Hot Springer (grandfather)

Louisa (mother)

Leo (brother)

Rank Unknown
First appearance Fantasy Life (Origin Island: Central Grassland)

Grace is the granddaughter of the Hot Springer. Her parents were not around to raise her up so she was brought up by Louisa - a woman who looks exactly like Pam. Louisa also brought up Leo, her Brother. She has three relatives that are known. Louisa (Mother), Hot Springer (Grandfather), and Leo (Brother).

She sometimes tries to help Louisa out in the kitchen but is always asked to stop.

Grace longed to see the world outside of Origin Island. She is always having fights with her grandfather because of this. However, after she has seen the world outside, she realizes how much she loves her home.

Grace homesick.png

She is the shrine maiden of Origin Island and her assistant is Dogu, a doll. Being a shrine maiden is a job that has been passed down in her family. The shrine maiden prior to her was Louisa. Her job is to spread the Goddess's word to the people but she initially hasn't ever heard the Goddess's word. However, at one time in the story, the goddess takes over Grace's body in order to speak through her. Afterwards, she is able to summon the goddess whenever she needs to.

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