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Goodwood is the furniture and home decor vendor in Castele. He is located in Castele Square.

Goodwood and his shop


Item Cost Description Notes
Pink Dining Table 500 Dosh A pretty, pink dining table. For tea parties with cake. Requires Shopping +
Green Dining Table 500 Dosh A nice, green dining table. Good for those who prefer simple decor.
Wooden Dining Table 2400 Dosh A dining table made of wood. Seats four.
Wooden Low Table 2800 Dosh A simple, small wooden table.
Pink Chair 400 Dosh A cute, pink chair. Nice and relaxing. Requires Shopping +
Green Chair 400 Dosh A chair that's a calming shade of green.
Wooden Chair 600 Dosh Just a regular Wooden Chair. Complements any decor.
Wooden Sofa 2800 Dosh A simple and understated sofa.
Wooden Wardrobe 1500 Dosh A splendid Wooden Wardrobe. Store your stuff in style.
Wooden Chest 2000 Dosh A chest made of natural materials. Plenty of space inside.
Wooden Cabinet 2000 Dosh A simple cabinet made of sturdy wood.
Pink Bed 800 Dosh A cute, pink bed. You'll dream of marshmallows...maybe. Requires Shopping +
Green Bed 800 Dosh A calming-green bed.

Soothes the soul.

Wooden Bed 2400 Dosh A simple bed with green sheets. Seems quite sturdy.
Simple Curtains 800 Dosh Curtains that can be dyed however you like.
Castele Curtains 960 Dosh Simple curtains.

Nice against blue sky.

Simple Carpet 2000 Dosh A carpet that can be dyed to your liking.
Woven Castele Rug 3000 Dosh A traditional Castele rug.

Keeps your feet warm.

Simple Mat 1000 Dosh A mat that can be dyed to your liking.
Woven Castele Mat 3000 Dosh A traditional Castele mat.

A common feature in many homes.

Simple Wall: Peach 1200 Dosh A pretty, pink wall.

Cute and stylish.

Requires Shopping +
Simple Wall: Green 1200 Dosh A relaxing-green wall.

Gives your room a back-to-nature feel.

Wooden Wall 400 Dosh A wall for a fresh cabin feel.
Traditional Castele Wall 2000 Dosh A Castele wall.

Goes with any furniture.

Requires Shopping +
Simple Floor: Peach 1200 Dosh A pink floor. Good for those who want a peachy vibe. Requires Shopping +
Simple Floor: Green 1200 Dosh A green floor. Make your neighbors green with envy.
Wooden Floor 2400 Dosh Wooden flooring.

Nice and warm underfoot.

Brick Floor 4000 Dosh A stylish floor made of brick.

Feels rustic and homely.

Requires Shopping +
Terra-Cotta Floor 15000 Dosh A floor made of baked tiles.

Good for workshop floors as well as homes.

Requires Shopping +
Umbrella Tree 800 Dosh A decorative plant that seems to have sprouted from a forgotten umbrella.
Smiley Flower 2000 Dosh A perennial plant with yellow petals.

Blooms all year round.

Requires Shopping +
Candle 1600 Dosh A huge Candle for the home.

Said to burn for hundreds of hours.

Teddy Bear 1800 Dosh A lovely, cuddly Teddy Bear.

Castele children love these!

Basket 600 Dosh Good for storing small objects, such as apples or laundry.
Wooden Box 960 Dosh A wooden box. Mainly used to store vulnerable items during transit.
Rubbish Bin 400 Dosh Container for trash.

A tidy room is a happy room.