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The Golden Dragon in the Ancient Ruins

Sepiolith's Ancient Ruins Map Diagram.png

The Golden Dragon is a gold-crown enemy that resides deep within the Ancient Ruins.


Drops and Reward

Upon defeat, the Golden Dragon may drop:


  • True Dragonhunter: As a Paladin, defeat the Golden Dragon deep within the Ancient Ruins. (Master Challenge)


  • The Golden Dragon is weak to the water element.
  • Its breath and tail attacks will cause the stunned condition which can disrupt your movements and attacks, and also prevent item usage (exception to following). Take care to avoid them or bring stun antidotes and panaceas.
  • When it has less than half of its HP left, it will start to call forth a wide-area attack that rains down on its surroundings. This attack can be stopped when enough damage is dealt. When the dragon starts the summoning sequence, it is recommended to start charging up a powerful attack, and unleash it once the dragon finish its sequence in order to stop the attack as soon as possible.