Gold Bangles
Gold Bangles.png
Wristbands made of pure gold. Worn as a status symbol among Al Maajik's aristocrats.
3 Stars.png
Usable by
Paladin icon 1.png Mercenary icon 1.png Hunter icon 1.png Magician icon 1.png Miner icon 1.png Woodcutter icon 1.png Angler icon 1.png Cook icon 1.png Blacksmith icon 1.png Carpenter icon 1.png Tailor icon 1.png Alchemist icon 1.png
Defence Normal 4
Good 5
Great 6
Top 8
Divine ?
Magic Defence 2
Special Effects Intelligence +1
Tailor Adept Recipe
Sunny Cotton x 1
Yellow Gel x 2
Sack of Gold x 1
Buy price 3800 Dosh
Sell price Normal 3200 Dosh
Good 3840 Dosh
Great 4480 Dosh
Top 5120 Dosh
Divine ? Dosh
Type Armour (Arms)

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