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The Goddess's Ship is used to travel to the Starlight Garden after the player completes the Tales of Lunares storyline and reaches level 45. This ship which used to belong to Celestia, can be found on the Spirit Tree, just north of Elderwood Village.

Goddess's Ship Cutscene 2.png


In the chapter 'The Princess and the Dragon', when the player and Laura find themselves inside the Napdragon's Nest, they destroy the Doom Stone and find a treasure chest. Inside the chest they find the Goddess's Cog, and Hughes starts to gain information from the new material he had seen.

The player and 'Flutter' find themselves in a seaside town, Port Puerto. They battle some pirates and save the town's governor, Olivia, wanted to be a pirate. They find some hints and clues about the shipwreck's treasure, which is an old book. They read the book, and find out that Olivia's mother is written seven pirate's rules there. They meet Ahab, show the book, read the first word of every sentence, and get the Goddess's Anchor. In the Tale of Lunares - Chapter 6, the player and some others head to the Elderwood Village after saving a Spirit-girl named Leilah, and they find a crashed ship after they reach the Spirit Tree. The ship is not able to fly, but Butch and, of course, Pierre manage to fix the ship.

In the Tale of Lunares - Chapter 7, they fly with the airship to Lunares, and they find a yard of universes: Starlight Garden, which has some trees filled with stars. They meet a god named Divinus, or his full name, Todd Divinus, which at first impresses everyone by his size. He looks at the Floatstone, but says the Floatstone is not full of wishes enough to save the world, which makes Robin mad and thinking that Divinus is a cheater and a fake god. But then the world is saved after all, but the ship gets crashed again.