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Goddess's Bead
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An orb said to be found only in the vicinity of the Goddess's Carp.
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Buy price N/A
Sell price 2500 Dosh
Sell super price ?
Type Material

Goddess's Bead (Goddess Bead in the North American version) is a material which was introduced in Fantasy Life. It can be used as an additional crafting material.


The Goddess's Bead can be found on the first floor of each of the Trials. It can be seen as a sparkling spot on the water on the fishing spot found in the centre of one of the rooms.

Goddess's Bead Location.png

Crafting Effect

As an additional ingredient:

Axes: Special tree damage +

Used to Craft / Amount Required

Alchemist (God)

Other languages

Language Name
English Goddess's Bead (EU)
Goddess Bead (NA)
Japanese 女神の珠
Spanish Abalorio de la diosa
French Perle de la déesse
German Perle der Göttin
Italian Perla divina