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Ghastly Stew
Ghastly Stew.png
A stew with horrifying ingredients. Makes your tongue go numb.
5 Stars.png
Cook God (High Level) Recipe
Ghost Shell x 3
Ghost Meat x 1
Puerto Bream x 1
Buy price N/A
Sell price ? - 12000 Dosh
Sell price good ?
Sell price great ?
Sell price top ?
Sell price divine ?
Type Consumable

 Ghastly Stew is a consumable items which was introduced in Fantasy Life. Its flavour can be improved with Black Pepper.


Ghastly Stew, when used, will fully restore the player's HP and temporarily increase his/her Focus and Strength stat by 18 for 30 seconds. Its Superior version adds 2 more to those stats and lasts for 60 seconds.

Obtaining the Recipe

  • The player may receive this recipe by speaking to Life Master Alfredo once reaching the rank of God in the Cook life.

Other languages

Language Name
English Ghastly Stew
Japanese ユーレイなべ
Spanish Guiso espantoso
French Ragoût épouvantable
German Scheußlicher Eintopf
Italian Stufato spaventoso