There is a huge difference between the European and the American versions of the Fantasy Life video games, which are mostly identical. There are numerous name changes of characters and items that are seen in the game. This article page contains a list of differences between the European and American versions of the game.

Characters Edit

Europe America Location
Ancient Warrior Ancient Soldier  
Ancient Warrior A Ancient Soldier  
Ancient Warrior B Ancient Soldier  
Ancient Warrior C Ancient Soldier  
Ancient Warriors Ancient Soldiers  
Beavus Beavu  
Big Spook Big Spooky  
Boy in Love (?) Loverboy  
Carroty Carrotty  
Cherry Poppy Castele Artisans' District
Chomp Chompy  
Daemon Damien  
Dolly Mimi  
Doom Stone Doomstone  
Emissary Messenger  
Fabbie Bumbles  
Fluffkin Furlin  
Fluffkin Clerk Furlin Shop Clerk  
Flutter Butterfly  
Furcasso Furlasso  
Furkley Furlina  
Girl in Love Lovergirl  
Glaive Swordsman  
Hot Springer Spring Elder  
Leo Lips Leo Lippes  
Letter From Erik King's Letter  
Lettina Corrie  
Lily Lips Lily Lippes  
Link Clerk Ally Clerk  
Lionel Lips Lionel Lippes  
Luke Ruck  
Lyle Lips Lyle Lippes  
Magic Army Aridian Army  
Magician Wizard  
Mary Ruby Castele Artisans' District
Mr Apfel Mr. Apfel  
Postonby Posty Castele Square
Prior Dark Sultan Elder Dark Sultan Al Maajik
Referee Official  
Rental Turtle Rental Tortoise  
Shadow Baby Dragon Shadow Dragon Baby  
Sky Turtle Sky Tortoise  
Spook Spooky  
Travelling Seller Traveling Seller  
Turtle Tortoise  

Locations Edit

Europe America
Al Maajik Library of Magic Library Al Maajik
Castele Artisans' District Castele Artisan District
Castele Choir Hall Castele Chapel
Cave of Phosphorescent Flowers Phosphlower Cave
Central Levitania Central Terra Nimbus
Desertward Ravine Desert Ravine
Drysand Desert Aridian Desert
Fluffkin Grotto Furlin's Grotto
Fluffkin Vault Furlin Vault
Goddess's Ship Goddess Ship
Homes by Pam Pam's House
Mt Snowpeak Mount Snowpeak
Mt Snowpeak Summit Mount Snowpeak Summit
Paladins' Hold Paladin's Hold
Port Puerto Palace Parlour Port Puerto Palace Parlor
Levitania Terra Nimbus
The Crowned Champion's House Champion's House
Woody and Cherry's House Woody and Poppy's House

Lives Edit

Europe America
Magician Wizard

Commands Edit

Life Europe America
Alchemist Mixology 101 Liquid Lessons
Insta-Mix Instant Mix
Alchemic Touch Alchemical Touch
Carpenter Chop 'til You Drop Chop Till You Drop
Cook 5 Star Special Five-Star Special
Tailor Fashion Fervour Fashion Fervor
Miner Let's Rock! Creator Mode: Let's Rock!
Woodcutter Full Axe Swing Full Swing
Angler Mid-Air Geyser Pull Midair Rod Fishing
Paladin Leftward Slash Left Slash
Rightward Slash Right Slash
Downward Strike Down Strike
Sentinel Creator Mode: Sentinel
Rightward Sweep Right Swing
Leftward Sweep Left Swing
Wizard Thunderstorm Thunder Storm
Galeforce Gale Force
Mercenary Leftward Swing Left Swing
Rightward Swing Right Swing
Cross-Cut Cross Cut
Berserker Creator Mode: Berserker
Home Run Swing Home-Run Swing
Hunter Sharpshooting 1 Sharpshooting
Flash Creator Mode: Flash
Fading Shot Fade Shot

Items Edit

Consumables Edit

Europe America
Aubergine Eggplant
Bird Meat Chicken Meat
Boiled Veg Boiled Veggies
Charge Up Aid Charge-Up Aid
Deep Sea Lordfish Deepsea Lordfish
Eggs Chicken Eggs
Eggy Fried Rice Chicken & Egg on Rice
Electro Egg Rice Electro Egg on Rice
Finest Fluffy Omelette Finest Fluffy Omelet
Finest Hot Spring Egg Finest Hot-Spring Egg
Floaty Pufferfish Floaty Puffer Fish
Fluffy Omelette Fluffy Omelet
Giant Beast Meat Giant-Beast Meat
Giant Deep Sea Lordfish Giant Deepsea Lordfish
Giant Floaty Pufferfish Giant Floaty Puffer Fish
Giant Gigaga Catfish Giant Giga Catfish
Giant Goddess's Carp Giant Goddess Carp
Giant Hot Spring Bream Giant Hot-Spring Bream
Giant Pufferfish Giant Puffer Fish
Giant Sweet Fish Pastry Giant Sweetfish Pastry
Gigaga Catfish Giga Catfish
Gigaga Water Giga Water
Goddess's Carp Goddess Carp
Goddess's Frappé Goddess Frappé
Godfish Divine Fish
Godly Soup Divine Soup
Godly Spray Divine Mist
Golden Omelette Golden Omelet
Hot Spring Bream Hot-Spring Bream
Hot Spring Egg Hot-Spring Egg
Hot Spring Water Hot-Spring Water
Juicy Monster Meat Beastly Beef
Juicy Mutton Juicy Lamb
Jungle Banana Jungle Bananas
Magical Honey Dessert Magical Honey Pie
Magical Omelette Magical Omelet
Mountain Spring Water Mountain Springwater
Occult Roll Mystical Roll
Port Town Gratin Port-Town Gratin
Port Town Orange Port-Town Orange
Pufferfish Puffer Fish
Pufferfish Sashimi Puffer Fish Sashimi
Royal Omelette Royal Omelet
S. Magical Honey Dessert Sup. Magical Honey Pie
S. Rustic Rainbow Trout Sup. Rustic Rainbow Trout
S. Sweet Potato Dessert Superior Sweet Potato Pie
Shish Kebab Chicken Kebab
Spring Water Springwater
Sultan's Stew Dark Sultan's Stew
Super Angelic Remedy Superior Angelic Remedy
Super Apple Juice Superior Apple Juice
Super Bandit Steak Superior Bandit Steak
Super Barley Juice Superior Barley Juice
Super Berserk Potion Superior Berserk Potion
Super Blizzard Egg Superior Blizzard Egg
Super Boiled Egg Superior Boiled Egg
Super Boiled Veg Superior Boiled Veggies
Super Bream Sashimi Superior Bream Sashimi
Super Cabbage Rolls Superior Cabbage Rolls
Super Campfire Fish Superior Campfire Fish
Super Campfire Roast Superior Campfire Roast
Super Carrot Soup Superior Carrot Soup
Super Charge Up Aid Superior Charge-Up Aid
Super Corn on the Cob Superior Corn on the Cob
Super Crit Aid Superior Crit Aid
Super Daredevil Aid Superior Daredevil Aid
Super Dark Giant Stew Superior Dark Giant Stew
Super Demonic Bomb Superior Demonic Bomb
Super Desert Fish Stew Superior Desert Fish Stew
Super Divine Bomb Superior Divine Bomb
Super Dragon Steak Superior Dragon Steak
Super Dreamy Steak Superior Dreamy Steak
Super Dried Sandfish Superior Dried Sandfish
Super Egg Roll Superior Egg Roll
Super Eggy Fried Rice Sup. Chicken/Egg/Rice
Super Electro Egg Rice Sup. Electro Egg/Rice
Super Elixir Superior Elixir
Super Energy Powder Superior Energy Powder
Super Fancy Sashimi Set Sup. Fancy Sashimi Set
Super Fiery Fish Stew Superior Fiery Fish Stew
Super Fish Soup Superior Fish Soup
Super Fish Soup of Love Sup. Fish Soup of Love
Super Fluffy Omelette Superior Fluffy Omelet
Super Fluffy Roast Superior Fluffy Roast
Super Flying Fish Sushi Superior Flying Fish Sushi
Super Forest Quiche Superior Forest Quiche
Super Fossil Sashimi Set Sup. Fossil Sashimi Set
Super Frosty Fish Stew Superior Frosty Fish Stew
Super Ghastly Stew Superior Ghastly Stew
Super Giant Fried Egg Superior Giant Fried Egg
Super Glorious Dinner Superior Glorious Dinner
Super Goddess's Frappé Superior Goddess Frappé
Super Godly Soup Superior Divine Soup
Super Godly Spray Superior Divine Mist
Super Golden Fish Head Sup. Golden Fish Head
Super Golden Omelette Superior Golden Omelet
Super Great Bomb Superior Great Bomb
Super Grilled Crucian Superior Grilled Crucian
Super Grilled Eel Superior Grilled Eel
Super Grilled Sweetfish Superior Grilled Sweetfish
Super Grilled Tuna Head Sup. Grilled Tuna Head
Super Healing Powder Superior Healing Powder
Super Heavenly Burger Superior Heavenly Burger
Super Heavenly Feast Superior Heavenly Feast
Super Hermit's Drink Superior Hermit's Drink
Super Hi-Energy Powder Sup. Hi-Energy Powder
Super Hi-HP Potion Superior Hi-HP Potion
Super Hi-SP Potion Superior Hi-SP Potion
Super Honey Pudding Superior Honey Pudding
Super Hot Prawn Bisque Sup. Hot Prawn Bisque
Super Hot Spring Egg Superior Hot-Spring Egg
Super HP Potion Superior HP Potion
Super Juicy Burger Superior Juicy Burger
Super Juicy Monster Meat Superior Beastly Beef
Super Juicy Mutton Superior Juicy Lamb
Super Legendary Corn Superior Legendary Corn
Super Life Cure Superior Life Cure
Super Love Bomb Superior Love Bomb
Super Luck Potion Superior Luck Potion
Super Lunares Pie Superior Lunares Pie
Super Magic Aid Superior Magic Aid
Super Magic Spray Superior Magic Spray
Super Magical Milkshake Sup. Magical Milkshake
Super Magical Omelette Superior Magical Omelet
Super Magical Pie Superior Magical Pie
Super Magical Pudding Superior Magical Pudding
Super Maxheal Dust Superior Maxheal Dust
Super Medium Bomb Superior Medium Bomb
Super Mega Aid Superior Mega Aid
Super Mini Bomb Superior Mini Bomb
Super Miracle Superior Miracle
Super Monster Roast Superior Monster Roast
Super Monstrous Sauté Superior Monstrous Sauté
Super Mushroom Quiche Sup. Mushroom Quiche
Super Occult Roll Superior Mystical Roll
Super Panacea Superior Panacea
Super Pirate Gumbo Superior Pirate Gumbo
Super Poison Antidote Superior Poison Antidote
Super Poison Bomb Superior Poison Bomb
Super Port Town Gratin Superior Port-Town Gratin
Super Power Aid Superior Power Aid
Super Power Spray Superior Power Spray
Super Prawn Gratin Superior Prawn Gratin
Super Pufferfish Sashimi Sup. Puffer Fish Sashimi
Super Pumpkin Pie Superior Pumpkin Pie
Super Pumpkin Quiche Superior Pumpkin Quiche
Super Pumpkin Soup Superior Pumpkin Soup
Super Rainbow Gelato Superior Rainbow Gelato
Super Rainbow Paella Superior Rainbow Paella
Super Red Soup Superior Red Soup
Super Resistance Aid Superior Resistance Aid
Super Resistance Spray Superior Resistance Spray
Super Rice-Stuffed Squid Sup. Rice-Stuffed Squid
Super Roast Mutton Superior Roast Mutton
Super Roast of Legend Superior Roast of Legend
Super Royal Hamburger Superior Royal Hamburger
Super Royal Omelette Superior Royal Omelet
Super Rustic Swordfish Superior Rustic Swordfish
Super Rustic Trout Superior Rustic Trout
Super Sardine Pâté Superior Sardine Pâté
Super Sashimi Set Superior Sashimi Set
Super Saurus Leg Superior Saurus Leg
Super Sautéed Dragon Superior Sautéed Dragon
Super Sea Lord Set Superior Sea Lord Set
Super Seafood Stew Superior Seafood Stew
Super Shish Kebab Superior Chicken Kebab
Super Sky Sashimi Set Superior Sky Sashimi Set
Super Sleep Antidote Superior Sleep Antidote
Super Sleep Bomb Superior Sleep Bomb
Super Smelt Soup Superior Smelt Soup
Super Southern Stew Superior Southern Stew
Super SP Potion Superior SP Potion
Super Spraylixir Superior Spraylixir
Super Steak Superior Steak
Super Stun Antidote Superior Stun Antidote
Super Stun Bomb Superior Stun Bomb
Super Sultan's Stew Superior Sultan's Stew
Super Summer Nectar Superior Summer Nectar
Super Swordfish Head Superior Swordfish Head
Super Tasty Kebab Superior Chicken Delight
Super Tomato Soup Superior Tomato Soup
Super T-Rex Leg Superior T-Rex Leg
Super Tuna Sashimi Superior Tuna Sashimi
Super Tuna Sushi Superior Tuna Sushi
Super Valorous Kebab Superior Valorous Kebab
Super Vegetable Stew Superior Vegetable Stew
Super Well-Done Burger Sup. Well-Done Burger
Super Winter Stew Superior Winter Stew
Sweet Fish Pastry Sweetfish Pastry
Sweet Potato Dessert Sweet Potato Pie
Sweetcorn Sweet Corn
Tasty Kebab Chicken Delight
Wild Beast Meat Wild-Beast Meat

Materials Edit

Europe America
Attack Upgrade Stone Attack-Upgrade Stone
Attack Upgrade Stone + Attack-Upgrade Stone +
Black Crab Shell Black-Crab Shell
Black Goat Fleece Black-Goat Fleece
Centurial Nuts Ancient Nuts
Cherry Blossom Orb Cherry-Blossom Orb
Def. Upgrade Stone Def.-Upgrade Stone
Def. Upgrade Stone + Def.-Upgrade Stone +
Divine Pods Divine Berries
Divinus Appliqué Creator Appliqué
Energising Flower Energizing Flower
Energising Stone Energizing Stone
Energising Stone + Energizing Stone +
Gigaga String Giga String
Goddess's Bead Goddess Bead
Godfish Moss Divine Fish Moss
Golden Droppings Golden Dung
Golden Sheep Fleece Golden-Sheep Fleece
Lifeforce Cluster Life-Force Cluster
M. Def. Upgrade Stone M. Def.-Upgrade Stone
M. Def. Upgrade Stone + M. Def.-Upgrade Stone +
Magic Power Orb Magic-Power Orb
Magic Upgrade Stone Magic-Upgrade Stone
Magic Upgrade Stone + Magic-Upgrade Stone +
Mysterious Artefact Mysterious Artifact
Other-Worldly Fin Otherworldly Fin
Other-Worldly Leaf Otherworldly Leaf
Other-Worldly Powder Otherworldly Powder
Pink Silk Thread Pink-Silk Thread
Second Best Beetle Second-Best Beetle
Sky Turtle Saddle Sky Tortoise Saddle
Sparkling Goat Fleece Sparkling-Sheep Fleece
Stained Glass Butterfly Stained-Glass Butterfly
Tool Upgrade Stone Tool-Upgrade Stone
Tool Upgrade Stone + Tool-Upgrade Stone +
Unknown Life Form Unknown Life-Form
Wakeup Berries Wake-Up Berries
Wild Antler Wild Horn
Woven Straw Fabric Woven-Straw Fabric

Weapons Edit

Europe America
Bat Wing Staff Batastic Wand
Bon Bon-Bon Bon-Bon Wand
Dark Sultan's Staff Dark Sultan's Wand
Dragon King's Sword Dragon King Sword
Dragon Staff Dragon Wand
Dungeon Truncheon Dungeon Dagger
Esmerelda's Staff Esmeralda's Wand
Hermes' Bow Hermes Bow
Mooncrest Staff Mooncrest Wand
Novice's Staff Novice's Wand
Oak Staff Oak Wand
Palm Staff Palm Wand
Pine Staff Pine Wand
Purrfection Staff Purrfection Wand
Serpent Staff Serpent Wand
Spirit King's Bow Spirit King Bow
Staff of Dawn Wand of Dawn
Staff of Wisdom Wand of Wisdom
Star Staff Star Wand
Sugar Staff Sugar Wand

Tools Edit

Europe America
Big Bang Flask Big-Bang Flask
Cutterfly Butterfly Axe
Deep Sea Pickaxe Deepsea Pickaxe
Frymaster 2000 Hot Frying Pan
Gigaga Axe Giga Axe
Gigaga Fishing Rod Giga Fishing Rod
Gigaga Hammer Giga Hammer
Gigaga Pickaxe Giga Pickaxe
Gigaga Saw Giga Saw
Goddess's Axe Goddess Axe
Great Forest Axe Great-Forest Axe
New Wave Needle New-Wave Needle
Sea Cloud Rod Sea-Cloud Rod

Armours Edit

Europe America
Alchemic Coat Alchemical Jacket
Alchemic Dress Alchemical Dress
Ares Armour Ares Cuirass
Ares Hand Guards Ares Gauntlets
Armour Armor
Bat Cape Damien's Cape
Beastly Armour Beastly Brigandine
Berserker's Armour Berserker's Armor
Black Onyx Ring Black-Onyx Ring
Buccaneer's Boots Buccaneer Boots
Buccaneer's Bottoms Buccaneer Bottoms
Buccaneer's Coat Buccaneer Coat
Buccaneer's Costume Buccaneer Costume
Buccaneer's Hat Buccaneer Hat
Buccaneer's Headband Buccaneer Headband
Buccaneer's Shoes Buccaneer Shoes
Buccaneer's Wristbands Buccaneer Wristbands
Carp Trousers (♂) Carp Trousers (M)
Carp Trousers (♀) Carp Trousers (F)
Carpenter's Boots Carpenter's Shoes
Chequered Skirt Checkered Skirt
Chief's Breeches Chief's Shorts
Chef's Apron (♂) Chef's Apron (M)
Chef's Apron (♀) Chef's Apron (F)
Cloth Merc Armour Cloth Merc Armor
Coastal Armour Coastal Brigandine
Cute Ribbon Dress Cute-Ribbon Dress
Cutter's Boots Cutter's Shoes
Daemon's Bangles Damien's Bangles
Daemon's Cape Damien's Cape
Daemon's Outfit Damien's Outfit
Daemon's Shoes Damien's Shoes
Dark Sultan's Armour Dark Sultan's Armor
Devilish Outfit Devilish Shirt
Diving Mask Diving Goggles
Dragon King's Armour Dragon King Armor
Dragon King's Boots Dragon King Boots
Dragon King's Cape Dragon King Cape
Dragon King's Gauntlets Dragon King Gauntlets
Dragon King's Helm Dragon King Helm
Dragon King's Shield Dragon King Shield
Dragon Whelp Head Dragon-Whelp Head
Duelling Boots Dueling Boots
Duelling Bottoms Dueling Bottoms
Duelling Outfit Dueling Doublet
Five Star Hat Five-Star Hat
Five Star Outfit Five-Star Outfit
Five Star Shoes Five-Star Shoes
Flower Hairclip Flower Hair Clip
Fluffkin Feet Furlin Feet
Fluffkin Fuzzband Furlin Fuzzband
Fluffkin Head Furlin Head
Fluffkin Paws Furlin Paws
Fluffkin Suit Furlin Suit
Fluffy Ribbon Top Fluffy-Ribbon Top
Formal Trousers Formal Slacks
Freya's Hand Guards Freya's Gauntlets
Freya's Sandals Freya's Boots
Frigid Armour Frigid Brigandine
Furnace Apron (♂) Furnace Apron (M)
Furnace Apron (♀) Furnace Apron (F)
Gallant Shield Hero's Shield
Gaudy Boots Gaudy Shoes
Gladiator's Armour Gladiator's Cuirass
Goddess's Blessing Goddess Blessing
Goddess's Dress Goddess Dress
Goddess's Gloves Goddess Gloves
Goddess's Hairpiece Goddess Hairpiece
Goddess's Heels Goddess Heels
Godly Armour Creator Cuirass
Godly Boots Creator Boots
Godly Gauntlets Creator Gauntlets
Godly Helm Creator Helm
Godly Leggings Creator Leggings
Gold Armour Gold Cuirass
Grand Magician's Hood Elder Wizard's Hood
Grand Magician's Robe Elder Wizard's Robe
Grand Magician's Shoes Elder Wizard's Shoes
Grand Miner's Boots Grand Miner's Shoes
Grotto Armour Grotto Brigandine
Harbour Hunk Slacks Harbor Hunk Slacks
Harbour Hunk Suit Harbor Hunk Doublet
Harbour Hunny Skirt Harbor Honey Skirt
Harbour Hunny Suit Harbor Honey Blouse
Harbour Sandals Harbor Sandals
Holy Armour Holy Cuirass
Huntress's Bottoms Huntress Bottoms
Huntress's Hat Huntress Hat
Huntress's Top Huntress Top
Inferno Armour Inferno Cuirass
Inferno Boots Hot Boots
Iron Armour Iron Cuirass
Kodama Bottoms Forest Bottoms
Kodama Dress Forest Dress
Kodama Pantaloons Forest Pantaloons
Kodama Tunic Forest Longcoat
Leather Armour Leather Jerkin
Leather Cap Leather Hat
Leilah's Floral Circlet Leilah's Headdress
Light Merc Armour Light Merc Armor
Lord's Armour Lord's Cuirass
Lovely Swimwear Lovestruck Swimwear
Magic Armour Magic Cuirass
Magician's Pride Wizard's Pride
Magician's Shoes Wizard's Shoes
Mercenary's Greaves (♂) Mercenary's Greaves (M)
Mercenary's Greaves (♀) Mercenary's Greaves (F)
Miner's Boots Miner's Shoes
Minerva's Hand Guards Minerva's Gauntlets
Minerva's Sandals Minerva's Boots
Monarch Outfit Monarch Doublet
Ninja Garb Ninja Outfit
Ninja Hand Guards Ninja Bracers
Odin's Armour Maajik General's Outfit
Odin's Boots Maajik General's Boots
Odin's Cape Maajik General's Cape
Odin's Gloves Maajik General's Gloves
Odin's Helm Maajik General's Helm
Officer's Armour Officer's Armor
Origin Island Armour Origin Island Doublet
Paladin Leg Guards (♂) Paladin Leg Guards (M)
Paladin Leg Guards (♀) Paladin Leg Guards (F)
Paladin's Armour Paladin's Cuirass
Philosopher's Mitts Philosopher's Gloves
Polka Dot Skirt Polka-Dot Skirt
Pretty Princess Outfit Pretty Princess Dress
Prior Sultan's Outfit Elder Sultan's Outfit
Prisoner's Shorts Prisoner's Pants
Quilted Boots Quilted Shoes
Rune Armour Rune Cuirass
Rune Gauntlets Rune Gauntlet
Sandy Armour Sandy Brigandine
Savage Armour Savage Brigandine
Sea Lord's Armour Sea Lord Armor
Sea Lord's Boots Sea Lord Boots
Sea Lord's Cape Sea Lord Cape
Sea Lord's Gauntlets Sea Lord Gauntlets
Sea Lord's Helm Sea Lord Helm
Seafarer's Outfit Seafarer's Doublet
Seamstress's Dress Seamstress Dress
Shadow Armour Shadow Brigandine
Shell Armour Shell Cuirass
Shogun Armour Shogun Armor
Sky-High Armour Sky-High Brigandine
Sky-High Boots Cirrus Boots
Sniper Tunic Sniper's Tunic
Spike Tanktop Spike Tank Top
Spirit King's Armour Spirit King Armor
Spirit King's Boots Spirit King Boots
Spirit King's Cape Spirit King Cape
Spirit King's Gauntlets Spirit King Gauntlets
Spirit King's Helm Spirit King Helm
Summer Fun Bottoms Summer-Fun Bottoms
Summer Fun Top Summer-Fun Top
Tidal Armour Tidal Cuirass
Twin Tail Jacket Twin-Tail Jacket
Valkyrie Hand Guards Valkyrie Gauntlets
Valkyrie Sandals Valkyrie Boots
Warrior's Hand Armour Warrior's Hand Armor
Warrior's Head Armour Warrior's Head Armor
Whale Hood Harbor Hood
Wild Side Shades Wild-Side Shades

Decorations Edit

Europe America
Biscuit Wall Cookie Wall
Blue Sky Wall Blue-Sky Wall
Darkness-Eating Chest Nightmare-Eating Chest
Deckchair Bed Deck-Chair Bed
Deep Sea Lordfish Print Deepsea Lordfish Print
Deep Sea Window Deepsea Window
Flower Ball Lamp Flower-Ball Lamp
Flower Petal Mat Flower-Petal Mat
Fluffkin Chair Furlin Chair
Fluffkin Wardrobe Furlin Wardrobe
Fluffkin Window Furlin Window
Fluffkin-Shaped Rug Furlin-Shaped Rug
Football Pitch Soccer Field
Forest Curtains Forest Curtain
Godfish Print Divine Fish Print
Levitania Memento Terra Nimbus Memento
Magician's Trophy Wizard's Trophy
Other-Worldly Wardrobe Otherworldly Wardrobe
Pirate Ship Floor Pirate-Ship Floor
Pirate Ship Wall Pirate-Ship Wall
Pirate Ship Window Pirate-Ship Window
Port Town Bed Port-Town Bed
Port Town Chair Port-Town Chair
Port Town Couch Port-Town Couch
Port Town Mat Port-Town Mat
Port Town Rug Port-Town Rug
Port Town Wardrobe Port-Town Wardrobe
Portrait of Daemon Portrait of Damien
Ship Deck Rug Ship-Deck Rug
Starry Night Bed Starry-Night Bed
Starry Night Cabinet Starry-Night Cabinet
Starry Night Chair Starry-Night Chair
Starry Night Chest Starry-Night Chest
Starry Night Curtains Starry-Night Curtains
Starry Night Dining Table Starry-Night Table
Starry Night Low Table Starry-Night Low Table
Starry Night Mat Starry-Night Mat
Starry Night Rug Starry-Night Rug
Starry Night Sofa Starry-Night Sofa
Starry Night Wardrobe Starry-Night Wardrobe
Terracotta Floor Terra-Cotta Floor
Veggie Plot Rug Veggie-Plot Rug
Weather Charm Doll Weather Doll
Wooden Box Wooden Crate
Wooden Log Rug Wooden-Log Rug

Enemies Edit

Europe America
Armourdillo Armordillo
Armoured Croc Armored Croc
Batmon Wingmon
Big Spook Big Spooky
Bloodmon Blood Demon
Boss Shadow Wolf Shadow Wolf Boss
Carroty Carrotty
Dark Spider Shadow Spider
Desert Jelling Desert Jelly
Desert Spook Desert Spooky
Godbee Divine Bee
Hell Gigante Dark Gigante
Hot Spring Jelling Hot-Spring Jelly
Ice Spook Ice Spooky
Jelling Jelly
Lava Jelling Lava Jelly
Lovely Jelling Lovely Jelly
Metal Jelling Metal Jelly
Mountain Jelling Mountain Jelly
Sagely Carrotella Immortal Carrotty
Sagely Carroty Sagely Carrotty
Shadow Baby Dragon Shadow Dragon Baby
Spook Spooky
Toxic Jelling Toxic Jelly
Wicked Box Diabolical Box

Trees Edit

Europe America
Great White Fir Great Fir Tree
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