The Gale Wraith is a large wind elemental creature that typically has three or four Spirits of Wind nearby. You have to fight one of these for the Magician quest line. When the Gale Wraith reaches about 50% health, it will use a very rapid heal for about 120 health. If you're going to face one, make sure that you can account for its rapid healing.

Gale Wraith

Like the Blaze Wraith, this creature has a special attack that makes it invulnerable to attack while casting. If you watch the creature's height above ground, it raises higher and becomes impervious to attack when it uses its Thunderstorm attack.

It also laughs if you have your sound on.

Location Edit

Can be found in Drysand Desert (Aridian Desert in USA), just southeast of Al Maajik.


  • Wind Slash: The Wraith rapidly charges wind magic to throw a big cone of wind in front of it
  • Wraith Strike: Regular punch with short range
  • Illusions: Moving rapidly avoiding targeted attacks
  • Thunderstorm: The Wraith channels for about 2 seconds (being invulnerable in the duration) releasing a wide range thunder attack around it 
  • Healing Circle: The Wraith calls upon a spell circle and heals itself, usually occurs when Wraith is at half HP or lesser. 

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