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Players who have purchased the Origin Island downloadable content will unlock the Friendship system for all Allies. By raising an Allies friendship value, that particular ally will perform better in combat. This means that an ally may use more special abilities and may heal or boost the player's stats temporarily if applicable.

How to Raise Friendship[]

By spending time with and doing activities with allies, their friendship will naturally rise. This may be done by walking far distances, crafting items, gathering items, defeating enemies and so on.

In addition, pets may simply be pet while in the player's room to raise their friendship level.

Allies have preferred lives. If the player is active in the appropriate life, an ally's friendship growth rate will go up by 2 points instead of just 1. (Will go up by 4 if wearing a Companion Cape)

Lastly, if enough quality time is spent with an ally and he/she is dismissed from the party, the friendship may rise 1-3 points.

Friendship Boosting Armour[]

What Lowers Friendship[]

  • Having an ally faint and not reviving them before the timer runs out (60 seconds).
  • Moving to another area while an ally has fainted.
  • Dismissing an ally without spending enough quality time together.

Friendship Point System[]

All Allies start with 50 Friendship points. The minimum is 0 and the maximum is 100.

Action Points Points with Companion Cape
Spending time together 1 2
Spending time together while in a preferred life 2 4
Dismissing an ally before doing any exploring 0 0
Dismissing an ally too early -1 -1
Dismissing an ally after spending plenty of time together
(dependent on what has been accomplished)
1 to 3 3 to 6
Leaving an area while ally has fainted -3 -3
Allowing an ally's timer to run out when they have fainted -3 -3

Preferred Lives[]

Below is a list of the allies which the player may recruit and what their preferred lives are. Pets will share the same stats as Lucky the dog and they all prefer the Hunter life.

To see the locations and the stats of all allies, refer to the Allies page.

Name of Ally Preferred Life
Alfredo Cook
Allan Cook
Andy Carpenter
Angela Miner
Aurora Alchemist
Celestia Cook
Cervantes Mercenary
Cherry / Poppy Carpenter
Chic Tailor
Colin Magician
Daemon / Damien Magician
Decker Carpenter
Dogu Alchemist
Dragonslayer Paladin
Duglas Miner
Elmie Woodcutter
Fabbie / Bumbles Magician
Fern Hunter
Fisherman Sage Angler
Fizz Alchemist
Flamel Alchemist
Fletcher Hunter
Fluffkin Angler
Grace Tailor
Hazel Magician
Heyho Woodcutter
Huntin' Pete Hunter
Ignatius Blacksmith
Isaac Angler
Isobel Paladin
Jill Cook
Jinx Magician
Jude Mercenary
King Erik Paladin
Laura Paladin
Leilah Carpenter
Leo Hunter
Lucky Hunter
Madam Purl Tailor
Magmia Blacksmith
Magnificus Blacksmith
Marina Angler
Melusine Mercenary
Miguel Mercenary
Monika Woodcutter
Mustang Paladin
Noelia Miner
Nox Magician
Odin Mercenary
Olivia Mercenary
Ophelia Paladin
Orlando Woodcutter
Petri Alchemist
Pino Carpenter
Porthos Paladin
Robin Alchemist
Rocque Miner
Roslyn Paladin
Sizzle Cook
Taylor Tailor
Vulcan Blacksmith
Woody Carpenter
Yuelia Cook