Fluffy Ribbon Top
Fluffy Ribbon Top.png
The puffy bow tie really adds style to an otherwise plain outfit.
3 Stars.png
Usable by
Paladin icon 0.png Mercenary icon 0.png Hunter icon 0.png Magician icon 0.png Miner icon 0.png Woodcutter icon 0.png Angler icon 0.png Cook icon 0.png Blacksmith icon 0.png Carpenter icon 0.png Tailor icon 0.png Alchemist icon 0.png
Defence Normal 4
Good N/A
Great N/A
Top N/A
Divine N/A
Magic Defence 0
Special Effects ------
Tailor Novice (High Level) Recipe
Dandelion Cotton x 2
Fluffy Ribbon x 1
Buy price N/A
Sell price Normal N/A
Good N/A
Great N/A
Top N/A
Divine N/A
Type Armour (Body)


The player may only obtain this by crafting it during the optional Tailor's tutorial.

This item is handed over to Zippy in order to progress the tutorial.

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