Location[edit | edit source]

The Fluffkin Vault is inside of Deep Elderwood. First you may have to defeat a few monsters to get there.like burly brambles

Fluffkin Vault entrance.JPG
Fluffkin Vault.JPG

Unlocking[edit | edit source]

The Vault is initially locked and unlocks when the story-line finishes. You have to be Master level on Hunter, Carpenter, and Woodcutter. You will receive a letter from Pino with information after fulfilling all the conditions.

Inside the Vault[edit | edit source]

Inside the Fluffkin Vault, you will find x2 red treasure chests and x3 purple treasure chests.

Fluffkin Vault inside.JPG

Obtainable Items[edit | edit source]

Purple Treasure Chest[edit | edit source]

Red Treasure Chest[edit | edit source]

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