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Entrance to Fluffkin Grotto

 The Fluffkin Grotto (also known as the Furlin Grotto) is home to a lot of yellow Fluffkins and to Peachy, a pink Fluffkin. It is located within the Penguin Beach area of Origin Island.

There is a Fluffkin Clerk in the Fluffkin Grotto that sells a wide range of expensive items and decor. The items that it sells are listed below:

The Fluffkin Clerk inside the Fluffkin Grotto functions as a shop.

Item Price (Dosh) Requirements
Gigaga Water 150
Gigaga Catfish 1,000
Gigaga Truffle 1,200
Gigaga String 1,800
Gigaga Pickaxe 45,000
Gigaga Axe 47,000
Giga Fishing Rod 42,000
Gigaga Hammer 50,000
Vintage Needle 51,000
Gigaga Saw 49,000
Ancient Frying Pan 40,000
Flask of Dawn 43,000
Fluffkin Fuzzband 20,000
Fluffkin-Shaped Rug 25,000
Fluffkin Window 20,000
Fluffkin Chair 12,000
Fluffkin Wardrobe 32,000