"One of the Fluffkin, who are said to be descended from the ancients who created the world."
Character information
Gender Male
Nickname(s) Furlin
Hometown Origin Island
Rank Ancient
First appearance Fantasy Life

Fluffkin (Furlin in NA version) is a race of creatures that are said to have descended from ancient beings that created the world, Fluffkin is believed to be the last of his kind, until the DLC: Origin Island.

The first Fluffkin (called Fluffkin) you will meet is blue and will be found in Levitania. After completing that chapter he will be found in the Elderwood Village and able to join your party.

If you have bought the DLC you will find lots of yellow Fluffkin and one pink Fluffkin (called Peachy) in the Fluffkin Grotto.

After completing the DLC you won't find Fluffkin in the Elderwood Village anymore. You will find him in the Fluffkin Grotto but will still be able to join your team while.

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