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"An incredibly skilled but permanently dozing Hunter. Currently travelling Reveria, he is really Fern's mentor."
Character information
Gender Male
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Hometown Castele
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Rank Hunter
First appearance Fantasy Life

Fletcher is a Hunter who was the former Life Master and Royal Guardsman of Castele Castle's gardens. Passing both mantles onto his pupil Fern, Fletcher now wanders the plains of Reveria. Fletcher has the strange tendency to doze off for prolonged periods of time, but his keen instincts as a tracker and skill with bow are unrivaled by most.

Fletcher is something of a mascot for the Hunter Life, being featured prominently in Fantasy Life’s media.

History Edit

Fletcher was once the Hunter Life Master, taking in many pupils including Fern. His other duties also included guarding the royal gardens of Castele Castle.

Fletcher eventually passed the titles of Master Hunter and Royal Guardsman onto Fern and left to travel Reveria. Once the player reaches the Master Rank in Hunter, Fletcher will admit in a conversation that he simply abandoned his duties and Fern in order to travel, and believes that his former pupil is still angry with him.

Gameplay Edit

Location Edit

In both the daytime and evening, Fletcher can be found in a traveller's rest camp in West Grassy Plains near Desert Ravine.

As an Ally Edit

Fletcher can be recruited into the player's party as an Ally once they reach the Hero rank in the Hunter Life.

Gallery Edit


Fletcher's name comes from the word fletcher, someone who makes arrows.