The female character captured a lordfish.

Fishing is the primary ability of the Angler Life. Once the Angler Life has been started, the play may gather fish while in any guise, although according to in-game NPCs, the Angler has the greatest chances of catch success, finds the rarest fish most often, and more fish can be caught repeatedly from any fishing spot more times before there are no fish remaining.

Fishing mechanicsEdit

Fishing takes on a form of combat, whereby the player must reduce a target fish's HP to 0. Cast the lure into the water where a fish or an underwater shadow is visible and press (A) when the lure goes under. As (A) is held down, the tension on the line increases. If the max tension is reached, the line will snap and the fish escape. Tension can be relieved by letting go of (A). Often the fish will struggle and the player must move the analogue pad in the direction indicated by arrows, in order to slow the increase of tension. Also available is a charge technique called "Quick Pull" (unlock at Apprentice rank) which deals greater damage to Fish HP and a supercharged attack called "Focused Pull" (unlock at Expert rank).

Pulling on the line depletes SP. If you try to reel in a fish while your SP is zero, your fishing power is dramatically decreased.

Once a fish has been caught, more fish shadows will usually return five more times (or three more times if you are not an angler).

Fish can be sold to shops, given to NPCs as part of a quest, and used in Cooking to create fish dishes. Lordfish (fish bounties) can be turned into prints for decorating the walls of your home.

Fish Edit

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Below is a list of all of the fish and the areas they can be found.

Al Maajik Edit

Al Maajik Outskirts Edit

Drysand Desert (Aridian Desert) Edit

Cacto Cove Edit

Castele Edit

West Castele Edit

South Castele Edit

Deepsea Cave Edit

East Grassy Plains Edit

Elderwood Forest Edit

Farley's Plantation Edit

Haniwa Cave Edit

Lava Cave Edit

Mt Snowpeak Edit

Mt Snowpeak Summit Edit

Nautilus Cave Edit

Port Puerto Edit

Port Puerto Beach District Edit

Subterranean Lake Edit

Levitania (Terra Nimbus) Edit

Tortuga Archipelago Edit

West Grassy Plains Edit

Origin Island Edit

Forest Shrine

Central Grassland

Penguin Beach

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