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Location: Al Maajik Spelltown

Outside of the Esmerelda's Academy of Magic.

General Information

Inside of the Esmerelda's Academy of Magic.

  • Esmerelda is found here
  • The instructor at the bottom-right of the room sells items

Shop Inventory

Some items only unlock by reaching the rank of Master in the Magician life:

Item Dosh Requirements
Magic Aid 1500
Magic Spray 2500 Master
Fire Mana 3000
Water Mana 3000
Earth Mana 3000
Wind Mana 3000
Novice’s Staff 400
Oak Staff 1500
Pine Staff 2500
Palm Staff 3500 Master
Sugar Staff 5500
Mooncrest Staff 12000 Master
Star Staff 15000 Master
Purrfection Staff 18000 Master
Mage's Hood 400
Witch's Hood 400
Mage's Robe 400
Witch's Robe 400
Magician's Shoes 400
Grinning Hat 18000 Master
Flame Hood 10000 Master
Aqua Hood 10000 Master
Earth Hood 15000 Master
Wind Hood 15000 Master
Flame Robe 12000 Master
Aqua Robe 12000 Master
Earth Robe 17000 Master
Wind Robe 17000 Master
Magic Mittens 20000 Master
Magic Shoes 13000 Master