Elder Desert Log
Elder Desert Log
Desert log with many tree rings, indicating its respectable age.
4 Stars
Buy price 840 Dosh
Sell price 420 Dosh
Type Material

Elder Desert Log is a material used in Carpentry, that can be acquried from woodcutting.


Tree Drops:


Used to Craft / Amount Required


Expert recipe:

Quest Related

Woodcutter (Expert Challenges)

Ol' Desert Time / Old Sand

  • The player must obtain one Elder Desert Log from a Desert Tree or Great Desert Tree. (300 stars)

Desert Tree Timber / Cut and Dried

  • The player must obtain three Elder Desert Logs from a Desert Tree or Great Desert Tree. (500 stars)

Note: Obtaining the Elder Desert Log as a bounty does not count towards completing the challenges. The log must be from a regular drop on the ground.

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