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Players may alter the colour of some armour and a select few decor items.

To see a visual list of dyeable items, click here.

Where to dye items

Dyeing may be done inside of Florina's House by speaking to the tulip. Players must also already have unlocked the Bliss Bonus known as, "Clothes Dyeing".

Players who have purchased and completed the Origin Island Downloadable Content storyline may give 9 Gold Lunares Coins to the Exchange Clerk in Pam's home in exchange for a Rainbow Vase. The Rainbow Vase is a decor item that allows the player to dye items in his or her own room.

How it works

Dyeing exception

Items that have been given to another player may NOT be dyed. Should a player want to receive a certain item in a specific colour, the original owner would need to dye the item and then gift it.

For more information on gifting and trading items, click here.

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