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A visual aid to see which items may be dyed.

For information on how and where to dye, click here.

Dyeable Clothing

Alchemist's Bandana

Dyeable: whole.

Alchemic Coat

Dyeable: green jacket.

Alchemic Dress

Dyeable: green jacket.

Artisan's Apron

Artisan's Apron.png

Artisan's Hat

Dyeable: whole.

Artisan's Puffy Shorts

Dyeable: red part.

Avalanche Helmet

Avalanche Helmet.png

Banded Skirt

Dyeable: blue part.

Berserker's Armour

Berserker's Armour.png

Blacksmith's Beanie

Blacksmith's Beanie.png

Blacksmith's Cap

Blacksmith's Cap.png

Brave Bandana

Brave Bandana.png

Bright Bandana

Bright Bandana.png

Buccaneer's Bottoms

Buccaneer's Bottoms.png

Buccaneer's Coat

Buccaneer's Coat.png

Buccaneer's Hat

Buccaneer's Hat.png

Butler's Gloves

Dyeable: whole.

Butler's Shoes

Dyeable: whole.

Butler's Suit

Dyeable: jacket and pants.


Dyeable: whole.

Carp Smock

Carp Smock.png

Carp Tunic

Carp Tunic.png

Carp Trousers

Dyeable: whole.

Carp Trousers

Dyeable: whole.

Carpenter's Baggies

Carpenter's Baggies.png

Carpenter's Shirt

Carpenter's Shirt.png

Carpenter's Slimfit

Carpenter's Slimfit.png

Carpenter's Tunic

Carpenter's Tunic.png

Carrotella Boots

Carrotella Boots.png

Carrotella Costume

Carrotella Costume.png

Carrotella Hands

Carrotella Hands.png

Carrotella Head

Carrotella Head.png

Chef's Apron

Chef's Apron (F).png

Chef's Apron

Chef's Apron (M).png

Chic Maajik Capris

Chic Maajik Capris.png

Chic Maajik Loose Top

Dyeable: pink part.

Chic Maajik Skirt

Dyeable: pink part.

Chic Maajik Top

Chic Maajik Top.png

Chief's Apron

Chief's Apron.png

Chief's Bandana

Chief's Bandana.png

Chief's Breeches

Chief's Breeches.png

Cloth Merc Armor

Cloth Merc Armor.png

Creativity Cap

Dyeable: green part.

Crusader's Circlet

Crusader's Circlet.png

Crusader's Leg Guards

Crusader's Leg Guards.png

Crusader's Plating

Crusader's Plating.png

Crusader's Tiara

Crusader's Tiara.png

Cup Cap

Cup Cap.png

Cute-Ribbon Dress

Dyeable: bow.

Cutter's Cap

Cutter's Cap.png

Demon Headpiece

Dyeable: red part.

Demon Shoes

Dyeable: whole.

Demon Tights

Dyeable: red tights.

Desert Headdress

Dyeable: tan parts.

Devilish Shirt

Dyeable: whole.

Diving Mask

Diving Mask.png

Doctor's Garb

Dyeable: green part.

Duelling Bottoms

Dyeable: tan part.

Duelling Outfit

Dyeable: brown jacket.

Elegant Dress

Dyeable: bow.


Dyeable: bows.

Famous Fisher's Smock

Dyeable: dark blue skirt.

Fashionista Dress

Fashionista Dress.png

Festive Dress

Festive Dress.png

Festive Hat

Festive Hat.png

Fishy Green Hood

Fishy Green Hood.png

Fishy Pink Hood

Dyeable: pink part.

Five Star Hat

Dyeable: white part.

Five Star Outfit

Five Star Outfit.png

Flower Hairclip

Dyeable: the flower.

Fluffkin Feet

Fluffkin Feet.png

Fluffkin Head

Fluffkin Head.png

Fluffkin Paws

Fluffkin Paws.png

Fluffkin Suit

Fluffkin Suit.png

Formal Trousers

Formal Trousers.png

Frilly Cap

Frilly Cap.png

Frilly Dress

Dyeable: pink part.


Dyeable: brown parts.

Frilly Wristband

Dyeable: pink dots.

Furnace Apron

Furnace Apron (F).png

Furnace Apron

Furnace Apron (M).png

Grand Magician's Hood

Grand Magician's Hood.png

Grand Magician's Robe

Grand Magician's Robe.png

Grand Miner's Bottoms

Grand Miner's Bottoms.png

Grand Miner's Cuirass

Grand Miner's Cuirass.png

Hammer Head

Grey part only

Heatwave Apron

Dyes orange only

Highland Beret

Dyeable: tartan green part.

Highland Kilt

Dyeable: tartan green part.

Highland Top

Dyeable: dark brown vest.

Holiday Shirt

Holiday Shirt.png

Holiday Top

Dyeable: red part.

Hunter's Hat

Hunter's Hat.png

Hunter's Tunic

Hunter's Tunic.png

Hunter's Trousers

Hunter's Trousers.png

Huntress's Bottoms

Dyeable: light green part.

Huntress's Hat

Dyeable: light green part.

Huntress's Top

Dyeable: light green part.

Jade Turban

Dyeable: feather.

Kodama Bottoms

Kodama Bottoms.png

Kodama Dress

Dyeable: red part.

Kodama Pantaloons

Kodama Pantaloons.png

Kodama Tunic

Kodama Tunic.png

Light Merc Armour

Light Merc Armour.png

Lined Skirt

Dyeable: light blue parts.

Linen Bottoms

Dyeable: dark brown parts.

Linen Tunic

Dyeable: whole.

Long Cape

Dyeable: whole.

Loose Stripies

Loose Stripies.png

Lovely Sarong

Lovely Sarong.png

Lovestruck Swimwear

Lovestruck Swimwear.png

Lowtop Shoes

Dyeable: whole.

Mage's Hood

Mage's Hood.png

Mage's Robe

Mage's Robe.png

Maharaja Bottoms

Maharaja Bottoms.png

Maharaja Robe

Maharaja Robe.png

Maharaja Turban

Dyeable: whole.

Mercenary's Boots

Mercenary's Boots.png

Mercenary's Greaves

Mercenary's Greaves (F).png

Mercenary's Greaves

Mercenary's Greaves (M).png

Merc Gauntlets

Merc Gauntlets.png

Miner's Cuirass

Miner's Cuirass.png

Miner's Frock

Dyeable: white part.

Miner's Helmet

Miner's Helmet.png

Miner's Puffy Helmet

Dyeable: light brown part.

Miner Short-Shorts

Miner Short-Shorts.png

Netted Hat

Netted Hat.png

Ninja Bracers

Ninja Bracers.png

Ninja Headband

Ninja Headband.png

Ninja Outfit

Ninja Outfit.png

Ninja Tabi

Ninja Tabi.png

Paladin's Armour

Paladin's Armour.png

Paladin's Breastplate

Paladin's Breastplate.png

Paladin's Leg Guards

Paladin's Leg Guards (F).png

Paladin's Leg Guards

Paladin's Leg Guards (M).png

Pam's Bandana

Pam's Bandana.png

Pam's Dress

Pam's Dress.png

Pam's Shoes

Pam's Shoes.png

Pan-Fried Helm

Pan-Fried Helm.png

Plain Helmet

Plain Helmet.png

Plushling Costume

Plushling Costume.png

Plushling Feet

Plushling Feet.png

Plushling Hands

Plushling Hands.png

Plushling Hat

Plushling Hat.png

Polka Dot Skirt

Dyeable: pink part.

Potluck Helm

Potluck Helm.png

Pretty Princess Outfit

Dyeable: light blue part (not including the bows).

Puffy-Sleeved Top

Dyeable: dark blue vest.

Quilted Bottoms

Dyeable: hunter green part.

Quilted Coat

Dyeable: off-white parts.

Quilted Hat

Dyeable: off-white part.

Rock Bottoms

Rock Bottoms.png

Sailor's Bottoms

Dyeable: blue part.

Sailor's Hat

Sailor's Hat.png

Sailor's Top

Sailor's Top.png

Seafarer's Capris

Seafarer's Capris.png

Seafarer's Outfit

Dyeable: dark blue and lighter blue parts.

Seamstress's Dress

Dyeable: greenish-blue skirt.

Sea Sarong

Dyeable: red part.

Sea Trunks

Sea Trunks.png

Short Cape

Dyeable: whole.

Slugger's Helm

Slugger's Helm.png

Sniper's Culottes

Sniper's Culottes.png

Sniper's Hat

Sniper's Hat.png

Sniper's Tunic

Sniper's Tunic.png

Snowman Costume

Snowman Costume.png

Snowman's Head

Snowman's Head.png

Sunshine Skirt

Dyeable: the suns.

Surf's Up Shirt

Surf's Up Shirt.png

Surf's Up Shorts

Surf's Up Shorts.png

Tough Leg Guards

Tough Leg Guards.png



Twin Tail Jacket

Dyeable: light blue parts.



Weaver's Outfit

Weaver's Outfit.png

Whale Hood

Dyeable: dark blue parts.

Witch's Hood

Dyeable: black parts.

Witch's Robe

Dyeable: black parts.

Woodland Beret

Woodland Beret.png

Woodland Jacket

Woodland Jacket.png

Woodland Trousers

Woodland Trousers.png

Dyeable Decor

Simple Carpet
Simple Carpet.png
Simple Curtains
Simple Curtains.png
Simple Mat
Simple Mat.png