竜殺し, Ryū koroshi (Dragon Killer)
Character information
Gender Male
Nickname(s) Unknown
Hometown Castele
Relatives Unknown
Rank Wandering Warrior
First appearance Fantasy Life

Dragonslayer was once a Paladin that lived in Castele. He was well trained by Captain Mustang. But one day, he snuck into Queen Ophelia's chamber and asked her to fight him, but the queen said that she did not want to fight a pitiful warrior like him. Shocked, he quit his career and trained alone. Since that day, he swore that he will kill every dragon to prove his power. Everybody started to call him "Dragonslayer", and he liked that nickname. Dragonslayer can be recruited after reaching hero status as a Paladin. He can be found east of Florina's House in the West Grassy Plains, standing by a gravestone.

Dragonslayer Location.png

The original Dragonslayer model and the updated versions.

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