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These mysterious stones fall from the sky and cause trouble to the inhabitants of Reveria. They hold the power to possess and corrupt the monsters of Reveria, however this can be reversed by destroying the stone itself. When Leilah, a spirit-girl, is bitten by one of the 'Shadow Monsters' (the name Flutter gave to monsters corrupted by the Doomstones), breaking the stone did not cure her. She was cured when Noelia created a potion with mushrooms and some Doomstone Shards. It was the largest Doomstone the player character and Yuelia had seen so far.

A Doom Stone in the player's roof


The first Doom Stone the player and Flutter saw crashed into the roof of the player's home. Hughes arrived shortly after, retrieving the stone from the roof, and discussing plans to acquire another one, located in the East Grassy Plains. Pierre and Butch heard everything, and started plotting to steal the stone before Hughes could obtain it.

The second Doom Stone fell in the East Grassy Plains, but Pierre and Butch were able to steal it by tricking the Paladin guarding it. They took it to Haniwa Cave, and placed a poorly written sign in front of the entrance, warning people to keep out. Once inside, the player finds Butch's pet dragon, Chomp, called Chompy, corrupted by the Doom Stone. The stone was then destroyed, returning Chompy to normal, much to Butch's delight.

The third stone crashed into the Napdragon's Nest, which corrupted the Napdragon's babies. This caused the normally passive Napdragon to go on a rampage, however it was only trying to get help.

The fourth one crashed into Port Puerto. With the help of Olivia, the player finds the Doom Stone in Tortuga Archipelago near the Shipwreck, surrounded by corrupted sharks. They destroy the Doom Stone, returning the corrupted creatures to normal

The fifth one crashed into the trial chamber Daemon Hellborne was using to become the new Dark Sultan, and had corrupted the Dark Sultan's dinosaur, the Lord of the Dead. Initially, the group was unable to locate the stone, however Noelia appeared, and caused the Lord of the Dead to cough up the stone, which was then destroyed.

The sixth Doom Stone crashed into the Deep Elderwood. Initially, the creatures corrupted by the stone were nowhere near it, and it had to be sought out. It was found near the Fluffkin Vault, and its pieces, as well as several mushrooms, were used by Noelia to cure Leilah.

The seventh Doom Stone was crashed to Levitania, but this time the enemies had a bigger one being the boss.