Djinn Talisman
Djinn Talisman
Charm said to be inhabited by a djinn. It boosts your attack power.
5 Stars
Usable by
Paladin icon 1 Mercenary icon 1 Hunter icon 1 Magician icon 1 Miner icon 1 Woodcutter icon 1 Angler icon 1 Cook icon 1 Blacksmith icon 1 Carpenter icon 1 Tailor icon 1 Alchemist icon 1
Level 90
Defence Normal 15
Good ?
Great ?
Top ?
Divine ?
Magic Defence 18
Special Effects Attack +30
Alchemist God Recipe
Sorcery Powder x 5
Sorcery Orb x 1
Wonderful String x 2
Buy price N/A
Sell price Normal 10 Dosh
Good ? Dosh
Great ? Dosh
Top ? Dosh
Divine ? Dosh
Type Accessory

Obtaining the Recipe

The player must reach the rank of God in the Alchemist life, "Chat" with life master Flamel, and accept the Special Request in order to unlock the recipe for the Djinn Talisman.

Completing the request for the first time will result in being awarded 3 Gold Lunares Coins and also the recipe to create a Tsunami Talisman.

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