A Divine Orb is the name given to the Love, Bravery, and Wisdom orbs.

When used in battle, the orbs all have different, very powerful effects. The Bravery Orb temporarily boosts all basic stats by 20 for the player and all nearby allies, the Love Orb temporarily makes the player and all nearby allies invincible, and theWisdom Orb grants unlimited SP to the player and all nearby allies.

When the player reaches Creator/God Rank in any of the crafting lives (Tailor, Carpenter, Blacksmith, and non-consumable crafts for Alchemist), a Divine Orb can be added as Creator/God material. If it's used as the only additional material, then it will grant a random effect that can range from Vitality +1 to Basic Stats +3 or Focus +10. (refer to Crafting Effects page for full list)

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