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A Divine Orb is the name given to the Love, Bravery, and Wisdom orbs.

When used in battle, the orbs all have different, very powerful effects:

  • the Bravery Orb temporarily boosts all basic stats by 20 for the player and all nearby allies,
  • the Love Orb temporarily makes the player and all nearby allies invincible,
  • the Wisdom Orb temporarily grants unlimited SP to the player and all nearby allies.

When the player reaches Creator/God Rank in any of the crafting lives (Tailor, Carpenter, Blacksmith, and non-consumable crafts for Alchemist), a Divine Orb can be added as Creator/God material, causing two things:

  1. it will always result in divine quality (higher than top);
  2. additionally:
    • if it's used as the only additional material, then it will grant a random effect that can range from Vitality +1 to Basic Stats +3 or Focus +10 (refer to Crafting Effects page for full list);
    • if it's used together with a "regular" additional material, then it will improve the specific effect.