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 The Desertward Ravine, also known as the Desert Ravine in America, is a location in Reveria. It links the West Grassy Plains to Al Maajik Outskirts.

"A treacherous ravine connecting the Grassy Plains to the city of Al Maajik. A perilous path perplexing both merchants and Mercenaries."


This is where you first encounter the character Odin, who serves as the protecter of Damien. When you enter during "Tale of lunares, chapter 4" a cut scene begin will there's 3 Jackals that will appear and Flutter will ask you if you're ready to battle. After you defeat them, more jackals will appear and Flutter is afraid that there are to many. Then Odin will appear behind the jackals and defeat them and leave with out saying a word. (during the scene, his name is ???)


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