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The Demon Master is a golden-crowned enemy that can be found in the top floor of the Trial of Darkness.


Possible Drops from the Demon Master include:



The Demon Master is the final boss of the Trial of Darkness. At half health he gets much stronger.

Here is a list of attacks:

  • Lightning strike; this attack make four sigils of light, warning you of an upcoming powerful lightning bolts, similarly to the gale Wraith.
  • Hells strike; when half dead, this attack makes him charge up and make small bolts of lightning near him, followed by four sigils, warning of four powerful bolts of purple light.


For starters, don't even think of fighting this boss unless you are a Creator/God PaladinMercenaryHunter, or Wizard. For weapons and armor, a good choice would be any lunares coins weapons, preferably the dragon king set, sea lord set, spirit king set or dark sultan set. As for armor, you can use the fighting classes hero armor. Stack up on potions and boosters. Bring strong allies like MustangCervantesFern, and Jinx