Fantasy Life Wiki

A visual list of decor items that the player may place in their rooms.

Underlined items = Items that require the Downloadable Content (DLC)


Beds Cabinets & Chests Chairs Curtains Floors
Mats & Rugs Miscellaneous Tables Walls Wardrobes Windows


Pink Bed

Pink Bed.png

Green Bed

Green Bed.png

Wooden Bed

Wooden Bed.png

Forest Bed

Forest Bed.png

White Bed

White Bed.png

Port Town Bed

Port Town Bed.png

Pirate Berth

Pirate Berth.png

Blue Bed

Blue Bed.png

Yellow Bed

Yellow Bed.png

Black Bed

Black Bed.png

Starry Night Bed

Starry Night Bed.png

Nightmare Bed

Nightmare Bed.png

Royal Bed

Royal Bed.png

Cloud Bed
Cloud Bed.png
Deckchair Bed

Deckchair Bed.png

Vampire Bed

Vampire Bed.png

Choco Bed

Choco Bed.png

Sleeping Dragon
Sleeping Dragon.png

Cabinets & Chests

Wooden Cabinet

Wooden Cabinet.png

Forest Cabinet

Forest Cabinet.png

Tiled Cabinet

Tiled Cabinet.png

Pirate Cabinet

Pirate Cabinet.png

Starry Night Cabinet

Starry Night Cabinet.png

Ominous Cabinet

Ominous Cabinet.png

Royal Cabinet

Royal Cabinet.png

Wooden Chest

Wooden Chest.png

Forest Chest

Forest Chest.png

Tiled Chest

Tiled Chest.png

Pirate Chest

Pirate Chest.png

Darkness-Eating Chest

Darkness-Eating Chest.png

Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest.png

Royal Chest

Royal Chest.png

Starry Night Chest

Starry Night Chest.png


Pink Chair

Pink Chair.png

Green Chair

Green Chair.png

Wooden Chair

Wooden Chair.png

Forest Chair

Forest Chair.png

Blue Chair

Blue Chair.png

White Chair

White Chair.png

Port Town Chair

Port Town Chair.png

Pirate Chair

Pirate Chair.png

Yellow Chair

Yellow Chair.png

Black Chair

Black Chair.png

Starry-Night Chair

Starry Night Chair.png

Chair of Atonement

Chair of Atonement.png

Dark Sultan's Throne
Dark Sultan's Throne.png
Royal Chair

Royal Chair.png

Fluffkin Chair
Fluffkin Chair.png
Dreamy Rocking Chair
Dreamy Rocking Chair.png
Port Town Couch

Port Town Couch.png

Wooden Sofa

Wooden Sofa.png

Forest Sofa

Forest Sofa.png

Starry Night Sofa

Starry Night Sofa.png

Treacherous Sofa

Treacherous Sofa.png

Pirate Bench

Pirate Bench.png

Royal Sofa

Royal Sofa.png


Simple Curtains

Simple Curtains.png

Castele Curtains

Castele Curtains.png

Forest Curtains

Forest Curtains.png

Lace Curtains

Lace Curtains.png

Starry-Night Curtains

Starry-Night Curtains.png

Royal Curtains

Royal Curtains.png

Netherworldly Curtains

Netherworldly Curtains.png

Cloud Curtains
Cloud Curtains.png


Simple Floor: Peach

Simple Floor Peach.png

Simple Floor: Green

Simple Floor Green.png

Wooden Floor

Wooden Floor.png

Brick Floor

Brick Floor.png

Terracotta Floor

Terracotta Floor.png

Woodland Floor

Woodland Floor.png

Simple Floor: Blue

Simple Floor Blue.png

Simple Floor: White

Simple Floor White.png

Marine Floor

Marine Floor.png

Concrete Floor

Concrete Floor.png

Pirate Ship Floor

Pirate Ship Floor.png

Simple Floor: Yellow

Simple Floor Yellow.png

Simple Floor: Black

Simple Floor Black.png

Desert Floor

Desert Floor.png

Cursed Floor

Cursed Floor.png

Block Floor

Block Floor.png

Stone-Paved Floor

Stone-Paved Floor.png

Castle Floor

Castle Floor.png

Grassy Floor

Grassy Floor.png

Sea Floor

Sea Floor.png

Wafer Floor

Wafer Floor.png

Mats & Rugs

Simple Mat

Simple Mat.png

Woven Castele Mat

Woven Castele Mat.png

Leaf Mat

Leaf Mat.png

Port Town Mat

Port Town Mat.png

Pirate Mat

Pirate Mat.png

Starry-Night Mat

Starry-Night Mat.png

Mat of Darkness

Mat of Darkness.png

Royal Mat

Royal Mat.png

Puddle Mat

Puddle Mat.png

Choco Mat

Choco Mat.png

Flower Petal Mat

Flower Petal Mat.png

Picnic Sheet

Picnic Sheet.png

Simple Carpet

Simple Carpet.png

Woven Castele Rug

Woven Castele Rug.png

Clover Rug

Clover Rug.png

Port Town Rug

Port Town Rug.png

Ship Deck Rug

Ship Deck Rug.png

Starry-Night Rug

Starry-Night Rug.png

Underworld Rug

Underworld Rug.png

Royal Rug

Royal Rug.png

Fluffkin-Shaped Rug
Fluffkin-Shaped Rug.png
Veggie Plot Rug

Veggie Plot Rug.png

Rush Rug

Rush Rug.png

Wooden Log Rug

Wooden Log Rug.png

Heart Rug

Heart Rug.png

Football Pitch

Football Pitch.png

Magician's Trophy

Magician's Trophy.png


Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear.png

Cuddly Sea Turtle

Cuddly Sea Turtle.png

Toy Camel

Toy Camel.png

Big Bunny Plushie

Big Bunny Plushie.png

Plushling Plushie
Plushling Plushie.png
Plushy Cottage
Plushy Cottage.png
Umbrella Tree

Umbrella Tree.png

Smiley Flower

Smiley Flower.png





Wooden Box

Wooden Box.png

Rubbish Bin

Rubbish Bin.png







Cloth Bag

Cloth Bag.png

Water Jug

Water Jug.png

Bushy Tree

Bushy Tree.png

Wonderful Bow Stand

Wonderful Bow Stand.png

Tree Stump & Axe

Tree Stump & Axe.png

Lucky Cactus

Lucky Cactus.png

Alchemist's Trophy

Alchemist's Trophy.png

Angler's Trophy

Angler's Trophy.png

Blacksmith's Trophy

Blacksmith's Trophy.png

Carpenter's Trophy

Carpenter's Trophy.png

Cook's Trophy

Cook's Trophy.png

Hunter's Trophy

Hunter's Trophy.png

Mercenary's Trophy

Mercenary's Trophy.png

Miner's Trophy

Miner's Trophy.png

Paladin's Trophy

Paladin's Trophy.png

Tailor's Trophy

Tailor's Trophy.png

Pirate Costume

Pirate Costume.png

Maajiknight Statue

Maajiknight Statue.png

Patched Hole

Patched Hole.png



Secret Door

Secret Door.png

World Map

World Map.png

Pirate Flag

Pirate Flag.png

Fish-for-Life Flag
Fish-for-Life Flag.png
Pirate Cannon
Pirate Cannon.png
Dragon Skeleton

Dragon Skeleton.png

Castele Memento

Castele Memento.png

Port Puerto Memento

Port Puerto Memento.png

Al Maajik Memento

Al Maajik Memento.png

Elderwood Memento

Elderwood Memento.png

Levitania Memento

Levitania Memento.png

Lunares Memento

Lunares Memento.png

Rainbow Lamp
Rainbow Lamp.png
Dark Sultan's Lamp
Dark Sultan's Lamp.png
Flower Ball Lamp
Flower Ball Lamp.png
Scholar's Candle Stand
Scholar's Candle Stand.png
Great Sword
Great Sword.png
Book Stack
Book Stack.png
Spring Wreath

Spring Wreath.png

Cherry Tree

Cherry Tree.png

Picnic Set

Picnic Set.png

Hydrangea Planter

Hydrangea Planter.png

Frog Figure

Frog Figure.png



Weather Doll

Weather Doll.png

Swimming Ring

Swimming Ring.png

Coconut Palm

Coconut Palm.png

Paddling Pool

Paddling Pool.png

Pumpkin Lamp

Pumpkin Lamp.png

Pumpkin Scarecrow

Pumpkin Scarecrow.png

Lunares Decoration

Lunares Decoration.png

Santa Doll

Santa Doll.png



Present Boxes

Present Boxes.png

Festive Tree

Festive Tree.png



Fairy Doll

Fairy Doll.png

Rainbow Vase
Rainbow Vase.png
Angelic Mirror
Angelic Mirror.png
Demonic Mirror
Demonic Mirror.png
Swordfish Print

Swordfish Print.png

Golden Swordfish Print

Golden Swordfish Print.png

Deep Sea Lordfish Print

Deep Sea Lordfish Print.png

Bass of Darkness Print

Bass of Darkness Print.png

Bluescale Lordfish Print

Bluescale Lordfish Print.png

Forest Lordfish Print

Forest Lordfish Print.png

Volcanic Tuna Print

Volcanic Tuna Print.png

Coldwater Tuna Print

Coldwater Tuna Print.png

High-Flying Fish Print

High-Flying Fish Print.png

Demonic Tuna Print
Demonic Tuna Print.png
Godfish Print
Godfish Print.png
Poseidon Swordfish Print
Poseidon Swordfish Print.png
Portrait of Erik

Portrait of Erik.png

Portrait of Olivia

Portrait of Olivia.png

Portrait of Daemon

Portrait of Daemon.png


Pink Dining Table

Pink Dining Table.png

Green Dining Table

Green Dining Table.png

Wooden Dining Table

Wooden Dining Table.png

Wooden Low Table

Wooden Low Table.png

Forest Dining Table

Forest Dining Table.png

Forest Low Table

Forest Low Table.png

Blue Dining Table

Blue Dining Table.png

White Dining Table

White Dining Table.png

Tiled Dining Table

Tiled Dining Table.png

Tiled Low Table

Tiled Low Table.png

Pirate Dining Table

Pirate Dining Table.png

Pirate Low Table

Pirate Low Table.png

Yellow Dining Table

Yellow Dining Table.png

Black Dining Table

Black Dining Table.png

Starry Night Dining Table

Starry Night Dining Table.png

Starry Night Low Table

Starry Night Low Table.png

Bloodthirsty Table

Bloodthirsty Table.png

Occult Low Table

Occult Low Table.png

Royal Dining Table

Royal Dining Table.png

Royal Low Table

Royal Low Table.png

Floaty Table
Floaty Table.png
Portable Patio
Portable Patio.png
Festive Dining Table

Festive Dining Table.png

Parasol Table

Parasol Table.png

Cake Dining Table

Cake Dining Table.png


Simple Wall: Peach

Simple Wall Peach.png

Simple Wall: Green

Simple Wall Green.png

Wooden Wall

Wooden Wall.png

Traditional Castele Wall

Traditional Castele Wall.png

Forest Wall

Forest Wall.png

Simple Wall: Blue

Simple Wall Blue.png

Simple Wall: White

Simple Wall White.png

Plaster Wall

Plaster Wall.png

Concrete Wall

Concrete Wall.png

Pirate Ship Wall

Pirate Ship Wall.png

Simple Wall: Yellow

Simple Wall Yellow.png

Simple Wall: Black

Simple Wall Black.png

Al Maajikan Wall

Al Maajikan Wall.png

Enchanted Wall

Enchanted Wall.png

Blue Sky Wall

Blue Sky Wall.png

Sunset Wall

Sunset Wall.png

Starlight Wall

Starlight Wall.png

Castle Wall

Castle Wall.png

Resort Wall

Resort Wall.png

Spooky Wall

Spooky Wall.png

Biscuit Wall

Cookie Wall.png

Sakura Wall

Sakura Wall.png


Wooden Wardrobe

Wooden Wardrobe.png

Forest Wardrobe

Forest Wardrobe.png

Port Town Wardrobe

Port Town Wardrobe.png

Pirate Wardrobe

Pirate Wardrobe.png

Starry Night Wardrobe

Starry Night Wardrobe.png

Otherworldly Wardrobe

Otherworldly Wardrobe.png

Royal Wardrobe

Royal Wardrobe.png

Fluffkin Wardrobe
Fluffkin Wardrobe.png
Cookie Wardrobe

Cookie Wardrobe.png


Pirate Ship Window

Pirate Ship Window.png

Fluffkin Window
Fluffkin Window.png
Imaginary Window

Imaginary Window.png

Astral Window
Astral Window.png
Deep Sea Window
Deep Sea Window.png