Dandelion Puff
Dandelion Puff
A natural cotton harvested from dandelions.

Used to make Dandelion Cotton.

0 Stars
Buy price 10 Dosh
Sell price 5 Dosh
Type Material

Locations Edit

Dandelion Puffs can be found on the ground in:

Shops Edit

Dandelion Puffs can be purchased from the following shops:

Recipes Edit

Dandelion Puffs are used in various Carpentry and Tailoring recipes.

Item Resources Amount Life and Rank
Wooden Sofa Oak Beam

Woven Straw Fabric

Dandelion Puff

x 3

x 2

x 3

Fledgling Carpenter
Dandelion Cotton Dandelion Puff x 2 Fledgling Tailor
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