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For his appearance in Fantasy Life, see Damien Helbourne.

Daemon (Japanese: ルーザ Rūza) is a Magician introduced in Fantasy Life.


Dark Sultan of Al Maajik. He doesn't act like one, though. He's actually quite gentle and caring, especially towards his family.


Reveria's ruler of Al Maajik. Although he looks a bit inexperienced, his magical prowess is outstanding, and his powers unfathomable.

Despite being called the Dark Sultan, he is in no way the cruel or scheming type, and instead is quite gentle and values family. He displays an arrogance befitting a Dark Sultan to the public, but he is actually quite bad at using such a tone. Of course, his dream is "conquering the world," but instead of resorting to force, he wants to connect the world using a gentle heart.

He often travels the streets of Al Maajik incognito to listen to his citizens' troubles and joys. He also likes reading, and goes to the library to expand his knowledge whenever he has the time. He is a fan of King Erik of Castele, and in order to become a good king, he hopes that he can travel to and study in countries other than Al Maajik.

He really likes his troublemaking little sister Liz and often worries about whether or not she will get into trouble for his sake. Additionally, he places the utmost trust in Odin, the general of the Dark Sultan's Army.


*with max awakening

Lv HP SP Attack Defense Magic Attack Magic Defense
70 (?) (?) (?) (?) (?) (?)


Combat Skills[]

Battle Fury Sultan's Bipolar Cannon
The Dark Sultan unleashes immense power. After activating the Awakening Mode, 3 Charged Skills will be enhanced. Shadow Element
Battle Charge Shadow Exclipse
Creates darkness that erodes the space to reduce DEF Skill effect changes when in Sultan Awaken Mode. Shadow Element
Battle Charge Abyss Hole
Causes a mass Shadow explosion in front to wipe out nearby enemies. Skill effect changes when in Sultan Awaken Mode. Shadow Element


Passive Skill Dark Artifact
Increases Fury when landing a critical strike
Passive Skill Overlord
Increases Max SP charged attack damage