Crystal Scale
Crystal Scale.png
A beautiful, transparent scale.
5 Stars.png
Buy price N/A
Sell price 6500 Dosh
Type Material

Monster Drops[edit | edit source]

Recipes Used In[edit | edit source]



Massive Tip:[edit | edit source]

Grind this boss's drops without having to go through the Trial of Light all over again:

  • Save on the 11th floor before going up to fight
  • Defeat the Crystal Dragon on the top floor
  • Travel back down to the main floor
  • DO NOT SAVE. This is crucial!
  • Go Sleep in your bed. ("Sleep", not "Rest") - This respawns the boss & the trees on the 11th floor
  • Go die. (Take off your equipment if you must and find a strong monster to take you down)
  • When you die, choose to restart from the LAST SAVE POINT
  • You are now back at the 11th floor of the Trial of Light and can go ahead and save.

Re-do the trick as much as you want. This tip applies to all of the trials.

Another tip:[edit | edit source]

Wear the Plushling Backpack. It greatly increases the odds of an item dropping.

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