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Crystal Dragon on the final floor of the Trial of Light


The Crystal Dragon is the final boss that can be found on the top floor of the Trial of Light.


When defeated, the Crystal Dragon might drop one of the following:


Massive Tip for Grinding

Grind this boss without having to go through the Trial of Light all over again:

  • Save on the 11th floor before going up to fight
  • Defeat the Crystal Dragon on the top floor
  • Travel back down to the main floor
  • DO NOT SAVE. This is crucial!
  • Go Sleep in your bed. ("Sleep", not "Rest") - This respawns the boss & the trees on the 11th floor
  • Go die. (Take off your equipment if you must and find a strong monster to take you down)
  • When you die, choose to restart from the LAST SAVE POINT
  • You are now back at the 11th floor of the Trial of Light and can go ahead and save.

Re-do the trick as much as you want. This tip applies to all of the trials.

Another tip:

Wear the Plushling Backpack. It greatly increases the odds of an item dropping.

Also, players should be aware that having your character's luck extremely high will make obtaining Crystal Scales pretty difficult, since it will drop Star Diamonds instead.