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Located at the eastern side of Port Puerto Marina, Crankshaft and Aurora can be found inside. It has an alchemy crafting table inside the left part of the building and on the right side there is an incomplete model of a Port Puerto airship.

Crankshaft's Workshop.png
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In Chapter 6, Aurora leads the player and Flutter into Crankshaft's Workshop. Inside, she introduces Robin and she goes into detail of Crankshaft's character. It is revealed that Crankshaft and Larkin had worked on an airship to try to find Levitania in the sky. Larkin took flight and never came back which as a result sent Crankshaft into a state of depression. Robin looks up to Crankshaft and he continues working hard on an airship in hopes that he will be able to fly and find Levitania. With the assistance of Crankshaft, Robin's ship is able to take flight. Robin, the player, Flutter, and Noelia go into the sky and end up crashing into East Levitania. Upon finding Larkin and a giant Floatstone, they safely head back down to Crankshaft's Workshop to rejoice.