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""A gifted mechanic who has lost his way in life. He is haunted by memories of the past...""
Character information
Gender Male
Nickname(s) N/A
Hometown Port Puerto
Relatives Aurora (Daughter)
Rank Mechanic
First appearance Tale of Lunares - Chapter 6

Crankshaft is a mechanic who lives in Port Puerto. He is the father of Aurora who is an Engineer.

The player first meets Crankshaft intoxicated from Barley Juice just outside of Cocina Rica.  Once he finishes ranting, his daughter Aurora runs up and introduces herself. She later reveals that Crankshaft has lost a close friend who was searching with him for Levitania. Ever since Larkin's disappearance, Crankshaft hasn't been himself.

Later, the player and Flutter borrow Aurora's Keepsake Floatstone to show Crankshaft to remind him of his promise to Aurora. The promise that they would use the Floatstone to one day find Levitania. Once remembering his promise and being reminded of Robin's hard work and dedication just to meet Crankshaft, he sets off to help with Robin's and Aurora's airship.

Towards the end of Chapter 6, the player returns from Levitania with Larkin. After standing in disbelief of Larkin being alive and there with him, Crankshaft comments how upset he was and how the stress caused him to gain weight by drinking so much Barley Juice.