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料理人, (Japanese)
Cook Transparent.png
"Become a gourmet Cook, and entice even the king with the heavenly taste of your signature dishes! Spice up your Life with, um...condiments!"
Weapon Dagger (Default)
Tool Frying Pan
Class information
Life type Crafting
Master Alfredo
Characters Flapjack, Sizzle, Allan, Pedro, Mary Anne, Jill
Game introduced Fantasy Life

The Cook is a Life you can choose to lead in the game Fantasy Life. It is one of 12 Lives that can be chosen as the player's main life at any time during the game by visiting the Guild Master (except during a story mission).

The Cook uses frying pans to cook delicious food. There are 84 cook recipes in the base game and 105 with the DLC.

The Cook's Life Shop is located in Port Puerto Palace Way inside of Cocina Rica.


Rank Stars Focus Dexterity
Novice 0 - -
Fledgling 100 +2 +1
Apprentice 500 +4 +2
Adept 2200 +6 +3
Expert 6000 +8 +4
Master 15000 +12 +6
Hero 25000 +16 +8
Legend 59800 +20 +10
God/Creator 80000 +24 +12


When the player chooses the Cook life he learns 4 skills: Cooking, Meat Cuisine, Seafood Cuisine and Egg & Veg Cuisine. The max skill level is 15 (20 with the DLC). To unlock the new cap Legend rank must be reached and then, with the Cook life active, talk to Divinus. He will increase the cap of these 4 skills to 20 and upgrade the licence to God-in-Training rank.

Icon Name Description
Cooking Skill.png Cooking Your proficiency at cooking. Raise your skill level to increase your selection of frying pans and improve your cooking speed.
Meat Cuisine Skill.png Meat Cuisine Gives you access to meat recipes. The higher your skill level, the better your chances of cooking high-quality meals.
Seafood Cuisine Skill.png Seafood Cuisine Gives you access to seafood recipes. The higher your skill level, the better your chances of cooking high-quality meals.
Egg & Veg Cuisine Skill.png Egg & Veg Cuisine Gives you access to egg and vegetable recipes. The higher your skill level, the better your chances of cooking high-quality meals.


When leveling a life, the player will gain several abilities. This abilities help by improving the life itself. Below is a list of Cook abilities:

  • Chef's Special
    • Upon reaching the Adept rank, the ability Chef's Special is unlocked, allowing the special skill gauge to be chargeable. Once fully charged, it can be used by pressing X button. This automatically completes the next 3 tasks perfectly in a row with Great performance.
  • Dream Meal
    • At Master rank, the Chef's Special ability becomes Dream Meal, increasing the number of tasks to 5.
  • 5 Star Special
    • At God/Creator rank, the Dream Meal ability becomes 5 Star Special, further increasing the number of tasks to 7.
  • Ambrosia
    • Upon reaching God/Creator, the ability Ambrosia is unlocked, allowing the special skill gauge to be chargeable twice. Once double-charged, this ability allows you to instantly finish your current recipe.
  • Seasoning Skill
    • Upon reaching Expert, the ability Seasoning Skill is unlocked, allowing the addition of an extra material. The extra materials are Condiments use to improve the flavor of certain dishes, making it easier to score high and receive Superior results, as well as extras.

Frying Pans[]

The Cook uses frying pans to cook delicious food. Frying pans can be obtain from:

  • Shops that are all over the world.
  • Enemies Drops and Bounties.
  • Treasure chests that are all over the world.
  • NPCs. Such as King Erik Stone.
  • Crafted by Blacksmiths.

Some of them come with special effects useful to cook and when crafting more effects can be added. To see full list of effects visit Crafting Effects.

View Frying Pans List
Picture Item Rarity Skill Level Normal Good Quality.png Great Quality.png Top Quality.png Divine Quality.png Special Effect Lives
Pretend Frying Pan.png
Pretend Frying Pan 0 Stars.png 1 6 6 6 6 6 ------ All
Bronze Frying Pan.png
Bronze Frying Pan 0 Stars.png 1 9 10 12 14 16 ------ All
Iron Frying Pan.png
Iron Frying Pan 1 Stars.png 2 12 14 16 18 20 ------ All
Silver Frying Pan.png
Silver Frying Pan 2 Stars.png 3 17 19 22 25 27 Higher quality rate +1% All
Gold Frying Pan.png
Gold Frying Pan 3 Stars.png 4 22 25 28 31 34 ------ All
Clam Frying Pan.png
Clam Frying Pan 3 Stars.png 5 28 31 35 39 43 Higher quality rate +5% All
Enchanted Frying Pan.png
Enchanted Frying Pan 4 Stars.png 6 36 40 45 49 54 ------ All
Foreign Frying Pan.png
Foreign Frying Pan 4 Stars.png 7 44 49 54 60 65 Higher quality rate +20% All
Frymaster 2000.png
Frymaster 2000 5 Stars.png 11 54 60 66 73 79 Higher quality rate +25% Cook icon 1.png
Ancient Frying Pan.png
Ancient Frying Pan OI 5 Stars.png 12 50 56 62 68 74 Crafting time limit + All
Phoenix Frying Pan.png
Phoenix Frying Pan OI 5 Stars.png 13 65 72 80 87 95 Crafting S. Skill rate +25% All
Pan de Cuisine.png
Pan de Cuisine OI 5 Stars.png 15 70 78 86 94 102 Higher quality rate +30% Cook icon 1.png

Cook NPC List[]

There are a number of other Cook class NPCs around Reveria, who unlock challenges, provide equipment and plot. Talk to these when they have a ? over their heads.


  • Allan: Near Shops (Day) - Castele Shopping District, Appleseed Cafe (Night) - Castele Artisans' District
    • Joins party at Adept
    • Unlocks the "Magician's Breakfast" / "Enchanting Omelet" challenge to make a Magical Omelette (Expert)
    • Unlocks the Sauteed Dragon recipe (Master)
  • Flapjack: Alfredo's Bistro - Castele Shopping Disctrict
  • Sizzle: Alfredo's Bistro (Day) - Castele Shopping Disctrict, Near Chicken's (Night) - West Castele
    • Joins party at Apprentice

Port Puerto[]

  • Pedro: Cocina Rica (Day), Port Puerto Palace Way - Pirate Ship Lower Deck (Night) - Port Puerto Marina
    • Unlocks the "Impressive Stew Menu" / "Special Stew Menu" challenge (Master)
    • Unlocks the "Cuisine for Champions" challenge to make a Roast of Legend (Hero)

Al Maajik[]

  • Jill: The Spice Rack - Al Maajik Spelltown
    • Unlocks "Plenty of Pudding" challenge (Adept)
    • Unlocks "Pufferfish Minus Poison" challenge (Expert)
    • Joins party at Master

Tortuga Archipelago[]

  • Mary Anne: Alejandro's Beach Hut - Tortuga Archipelago
    • Gives Swordfish (Expert)
    • Unlocks the "Simple but Refined" / "The King of Omelets" challenge (Master)
    • Unlocks the "Rare Delicacy" / "Dreaming of Sashimi" challenge (Hero)
    • Unlocks the Fancy Sashimi Set recipe (Hero)


Class Challenges reward the player with Stars which accumulate to raise the rank of the player within the Life Class. Talk to Chef Alfredo to cash in challenge rewards.

The U.S. Localization has differing names for many challenges. As such they will be listed after the U.K. localization names.


Challenge Instructions Stars
Now You're Cooking! Prove your cooking skills to Master Cook Alfredo. 100

Challenge Instructions Stars
A Basic Egg Make a Boiled Egg. 50
Grill Some Meat! Make 3 grilled meat dishes, such as Roast Mutton or Chicken Kebabs. 40
Rumoured to be Healthy
(Fry Some Fish)
Make 3 grilled fish dishes, such as Grilled Crucian or Grilled Sweetfish. 40
Skinny Veggie Soups
(Serve Up Veggie Soup)
Cook 3 vegetables soups, such as Carrot Soup. 40
Remove the Bones First
(Fish Up Some Soup)
Cook 3 seafood soups, such as Fish Soup. 60
Mutton Mayhem
(Quality Mutton)
Roast some Mutton to make 1 high-quality Roast Mutton dish. 100
Exquisite Eggs
(Roll Out That Egg)
Make 1 Egg Roll. 100
An Apple a Day
(Apple Juicer)
Make 1 cup of Apple Juice. 100
A Humble Feast
(Fledgling Excellence)
Make 5 dishes or drinks using the Fledgling recipes your master taught you. 80
Will Warm You Up
(A Hearty Winter Stew)
Make 1 Winter Stew from Bird Meat, Cows' Milk and Carrots. 30

Challenge Instructions Stars
Burger Bonanza
(Rustle Up Some Burgers)
Make 3 burgers, such as a Well-Done Burger. 70
Flavoursome and Simple
(Fish with Rustic Flair)
Make 3 rustic seafood dishes such as Rustic Trout. 70
Eggsperptly Fried Make 3 omelettes, such as a Fluffy Omelette. 70
Five-a-Day Soup
(A Stew of Veggies)
Cook 1 high-quality Vegetable Stew, made only using vegetables. 150
Fluff It Up
(The Perfect Omelet)
Make 1 high-quality Fluffy Omelette from Eggs, Cows' Milk and a Tomato. 150
Rich and Creamy
(A Quiche of Quality)
Make 1 high-quality Mushroom Quiche from Eggs, Cows' Milk and a Forest Mushroom. 150
(A Most Delightful Chicken)
Make one high-quality Tasty Kebab from Bird meat and Pine nuts. 150
Full of Omega-3
(Cook Up a Fish Head)
Make 1 dish using a fish head recipe, such as a Grilled Tuna Head. 250
The Fresher the Better
(Sashimi Times Three)
Make 3 sashimi dishes, such as Tuna Sashimi. Sashimi sets don't count. 150
Triple Quiche Special Make 3 quiches, such as a Mushroom Quiche. 200
Healthy Veg
(Boil Those Veggies)
Cook 1 Boiled Veg dish from Carrots, Broccoli and Mountain Mushrooms. 200
Mouth-Watering Lamb
(Nutty Mutton)
Make 1 high-quality Juicy Mutton from Mutton andPine Nuts. 200
Apprentice Chef
(Apprentice Excellence)
Make 10 dishes using the Apprentice recipes your master taught you. 250
Signature Soup
(A Superlative Soup)
Make 1 high-quality Tomato Soup from Tomatoes, Spring Water and a Bell Pepper. 200
Perfect Side Dish
(Perfect Those Veggies)
Cook 1 high-quality Boiled Veg dish from Carrots, Broccoli and Mountain Mushrooms. 300

Challenge Instructions Stars
Hearty Meal
(Poultry Pairing on Rice)
Make 1 Eggy Fried Rice from Royal Eggs, Bird Meat and Port Rice. 250
Bursting with Southern Flavors Make 1 Southern Stew from Mutton, Cows' Milk and Tomatoes. 250
Sardine Special Make 1 Sardine Pâté dish from Sardines and Palm Nuts. 250
Taste of Summer Make 1 Summer Nectar from a Port Town Orange, Southern Papaya and a Wild Kiwi. 250
French Cuisine
(Gratin Times Three)
Make 3 gratins, such as Prawn Gratin or Port Town Gratin. 300
Sweet Tooth
(Plenty of Pudding)
Make 3 puddings, such as Honey Pudding (recipe taught by Jill). 300
Smoking-Hot Prawn Make 1 Hot Prawn Bisque using a Lava Prawn from Mt Snowpeak's Lava Cave. 250
Barley Beverage
(Juice of the Wood)
Make 1 Barley Juice using Giant Tree Nuts from the Elderwood and Grassy Plains Barley. 250
Meat Lovers' Favourite
(Dino-Dish Rampage)
Make 3 on-the-bone dinosaur dishes, such as a T-Rex Leg. 600
Slippery Meal Make 1 Grilled Eel using a Plains Eel, found in the West Grassy Plains. 900
Sushi Expert Make 3 sushi dishes, such as Flying Fish Sushi. 450
Sunny-Side Up Cook 3 sunny side up dishes, such as Giant Fried Egg. 450
Eat Hot with Some Butter
(Cornucopia on the Cob)
Make a combined total of 10 Corn on the Cob and/or Legendary Corn dishes. 450
Adept Chef
(Adept Deliciousness)
Make 15 dishes or drinks using the Adept recipes your master taught you. 600
This is How I Roll
(Cabbage on a Roll)
Make 1 Cabbage Rolls dish from Cabbage, Beef and Cows' Milk. 300

Challenge Instructions Stars
Hot Soup for Any Season
(Sizzling Soup)
Make 1 high-quality Red Soup using Redgills found in Mt Snowpeak's Lava Cave. 350
Sweet Vegetable
(Expert Desserts)
Make 3 Sweet Potato Desserts or Magical Honey Desserts. 500
Magician's Breakfast
(Enchanting Omelet)
Make 1 high-quality Magical Omelette from Magic Eggs , a Pumpkin and Extra Creamy Milk. (Taught by Allan) 350
Sweetie Pie
(Pies Aplenty)
Make 5 Pumpkin Pies or Magical Pies. 500
You'll Be Spellbound
(Abracadabra-a Milkshake!)
Make 1 Magical Milkshake from a Rainbow Apple , Cave Strawberries and Extra Creamy Milk. 700
Autumn Favourite
(Give Thanks for Perfect Pie)
Make 1 high-quality Pumpkin Pie from Pumpkins , Plains Barley and Cows' Milk. 350
Desiccated Dinner
(Sandfish Specialty)
Make 1 Dried Sandfish using Sandfish , easily found in the Drysand Desert. 350
My Midsummer Dream
(Sweet Dino Dish)
Make 1 high-quality Dreamy Steak out of Dino Meat seasoned with Sugar Nuts. 350
Pufferfish Minus Poison
(Exquisite Puffer Fish)
Make 1 high-quality Pufferfish Sashimi out of Pufferfish , found around Tortuga Archipelago. (Taught by Jill in The Spice Rack) 500
Soup Most Lovely
(A Lovely Way to Cook Bream)
Make 1 high-quality Fish Soup of Love using Sea Breams of Love and Saltless Seawater. 400
The Best Sushi
(Tuna for refined Taste)
Make 1 high-quality Tuna Sushi from Tuna and Port Rice. 400
Expert Chef
(Expert Creations)
Make 20 dishes or drinks using the Expert recipes your master taught you. 1300
Woodcutter's Lunch
(A Big, Hearty Breakfast)
Make 1 Forest Quiche using a Bigbeak Egg. 100
Buccaneer's Secret Recipe
(Crossing Swords)
Make 1 Pirate Gumbo from vegetables and Swordfish. 1000
Monstrous Appetite Use Monster Meat to whip up 1 Monstrous Sauté. 1200
A Meal Fit for a King
(A Pampered Burger)
Make 1 high-quality Royal Hamburger from some Beef. 400
Small Fish, Great Flavour
(Savor the Smelt)
Make 1 high-quality Smelt Soup using Smelt from the summit of Mt Snowpeak. 400
Spectacular Sashimi Set
(Spectacular Sashimi)
Make 1 Sashimi Set using a Squid , Prawn and Puerto Bream , found around Tortuga Archipelago. 400
Recommended by Daemon
(Recommended by Damien)
Cook Sweetcorn and Monster Meat with some Extra Creamy Milk to make Sultan's Stew. 600

Challenge Instructions Stars
Simple but Refined
(The King of Omelets)
Cook Royal Eggs with Truffle sauce to make 1 high-quality Royal Omelette. 600
Desert Delicacy Make 1 high-quality Desert Fish Stew using various types of fish from the desert. 700
Snowy Special Make 1 high-quality Frosty Fish Stew using various types of fish from the summit of Mt Snowpeak. 700
Lava Lunch Make 1 high-quality Fiery Fish Stew using various types of fish from Mt Snowpeak's Lava Cave. 700
Impressive Stew Menu
(Special Stew Menu)
Make 3 fish stew dishes, such as Frosty Fish Stew or Fiery Fish Stew. 1400
Taste of Magic
(A Most Magical Pie)
Get some Magic Powder and make 1 high-quality Magical Pie. 500
Blizzard, Served Hot
(Hot, Cold, and Eggy)
Make 1 simple dish of Fried Blizzard Egg. 900
Roast for the Brave Season Monster Meat with Giant Tree Nuts and roast it to make 1 Juicy Monster Meat. (")Beastly Beef" in the North American version.)) 1000
Electrifying Egg Make 1 Electro Egg Rice from a Thunder Egg. 1000
Chef de Cuisine
(Master of the Kitchen)
Make 25 dishes using the Master recipes your master taught you. 2000
Cloud Nine
(Airy Delicacy)
Make 1 Sky Sashimi Set using various fish from Levitania. 1000

Challenge Instructions Stars
The Tale of Sweetcorn
(The Tale of Sweet Corn)
Season Sweetcorn with some Legendweed and make 1 high-quality Legendary Corn. 4000
High Steaks Cook Dragon Meat with Supreme Truffle Sauce and make 1 high-quality Dragon Steak. 2500
Good as Gold Show off your skills by making 1 high-quality Golden Fish Head out of the Golden Swordfish. 2500
What Sorcery Is This? Make 1 high-quality Occult Roll from a Bigbeak Egg prepared with Spiritual Powder. ()"Mystical Roll" in the North American version)) 4000
Egg & Veg Master
(Egg & Veggie Master)
Get your Egg & Veg Cuisine skill to level 15. 2500
Cuisine for Champions Use the finest meats to make 1 Roast of Legend. (Talk to Pedro in Cocina Rica) 1000
Rare Delicacy
(Dreaming of Sashimi)
Use the freshest legendary fish to make 1 Fancy Sashimi Set. (Talk to Mary Anne in Alejandro's Beach Hut) 1000
Cooking Masters Get your Cooking skill to level 15. 2500
Meat Master Get your Meat Cuisine skill to level 15. 5000
Seafood Master Get your Seafood Cuisine skill to level 15. 5000

Challenge Instructions Stars
Epic Roast Make 1 Fluffy Roast. 3000
A Feast Not Only for the Eyes
(A Spectrum of Flavors)
Make 1 Rainbow Paella. 3000
Resort Town Special Make 1 Hot Spring Egg. 3000
Finest Frappé Make 1 Goddess's Frappé. 3000
Bards Will Sing of It
(Bards Will Sing Its Praises)
Make 1 Glorious Dinner. 3000
10 Wishes Come True
Make 10 dishes or drinks using God-in-Training recipes. 5000


Main article: Cook Recipes

There are in total 105 recipes in cooking divided into 4 main components: Fruits & Veggies, eggs, meat and seafood.

Recipes for meals are given by the Cook Chef, Alfredo, by all of the characters related to the cook life, by leveling up within the Class and for the DLC recipes by Divinus.

Life Song[]

Business hours over, I leave the restaurant.
The night sky above dotted with twinkling stars.
Stars here, stars there, these stars I hate.
So cold and haughty, looking down at me.
"Your restaurant doesn't have a single star,"they seem to say, the wretched things.
"The food's good but you don't advertise."
Since when are you food critics, I ask?
Tomorrow at lunchtime, I'll take a break and remake the restaurant the way I dreamed.
Around and around, like a huge sunflower will my wonderful chimney go!
The passersby at dinnertime will be enticed by delicious aromas!
Go around and around, my sunflower chimney!
Spread the smell of food throughout the town!
My restaurant gets its first star.
How proudly it twinkles at the shop front!
It'll be two stars next year!
It's not because of you, night-sky stars...really.
Business hours over, I leave the restaurant.
I look up and you wink at me.
Wink, wink, wink, wink all you want!
One day I'll have a ☆☆☆☆☆ restaurant!