セルヴァンテス, Seruvantesu
Mercenary Transparent
The aged Mercenary master who has cheated death many times. Knows his glory days are behind him now.
Character Information
Gender Male
Nickname(s) -
Relatives -
Life Mercenary

Cervantes is the Life Master of the Mercenaries. In his glory days, Cervantes fought alongside the Plushling Miguel to quell the large monster population in Reveria. Now retired and residing in Castele, he serves as a teacher for Mercenary upstarts. He is prone to reminiscing of his adventures and frequently regales his pupils with his past exploits.

Cervantes is something of a mascot for the Mercenary Life, being featured prominently in Fantasy Life’s media.

Gameplay Edit

Location Edit

In both the daytime and evening, Cervantes can be found in The Crown in the Castele Shopping District.

Rank Rewards and Challenges Edit

  • Cervantes awards the player a gold Lunares coin every time the Lord of the Cursed is defeated. (Origin Island exclusive)

As an Ally Edit

Cervantes can be recruited into the player's party as an Ally once they have reached the rank of God in the Mercenary Life and initially accepts the special request. In addition to this, the player must have completed the Origin Island storyline.

Stats Edit

Cervantes 100 1400 450 700 200 300

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Cervantes' name, along with Miguel, is a reference to the literary work Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes.

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