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An overview of the Central Grassland.

The Central Grassland is a location in Origin Island in the game Fantasy Life. From this area is access to the other major areas in Origin island. You can go north to go to the Ancient Tower, north-west to go to the Forest Shrine, west to go to Penguin Beach, east to go to the Rocky Hill Shrine or south to go back to the world of Reveria. There is a bounty clerk at the north-east area for the player to turn in any bounties.


The Rainbow Wraith.

Among many other enemies, there is a Rainbow Wraith lurking in the middle of this zone at daytime and a Darkzine located at this same position at night. Both of these bosses are accompanied with either Rainbow Spirits or Dark Wisps.


A player attempting to catch a Godfish.

Various colectables can be found all around the area. On the east side of the grassland the player can find the Giga Gigaga Tree and the Godfish. To the west, north of the Forest Shrine entrance, is the Divine Stone.


Random chance of gathering: Criticaline, Criticaline +, Guardine, and Qualitine

Ore Deposits[]



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