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"The goddess who brought the gift of Life. She believes everyone should enjoy their Life."
Character information
Gender Female
Nickname(s) Goddess
Hometown Origin Island
Relatives Divinus (Husband)
Yuelia (Daughter)
Noelia (Daughter)
Rank Goddess
First appearance Fantasy Life

Celestia is the goddess of Reveria. She is the wife of the god, Divinus, and is mother to Yuelia and Noelia. While she is also the goddess of all Life, she is unable to interact in reality unless you complete the Trial of Light, where you can add her to your party. In the meantime she is inside the statue located at the top of the Ancient Tower. It has also been noted that she was once the shrine maiden of Origin Island as well as previously being human.


She often spoke to the great spirit, Danuta, of the land (Origin Island) in which she had lived before coming to Reveria. It was said that when Celestia and Divinus first met, after three years there was an anniversary scheduled. However, Divinus left the island and Celestia became angry, taking her anger out on Dogu. Afterwards, she locked herself in the tower to cry, saying she'd never want to see Divinus or anyone ever again. Few tried to climb the tower to cheer her up, but failed. In order to be with Divinus and be his wife, she herself would have to become a goddess.


Celestia appears to be very kind and sweet-hearted not only to her family, but to others as well. She has a hint of humor as well, but does not show it often. She enjoys keeping others company as well.


Celestia's hair is a light blonde that almost reaches her feet. Two parts of her hair are held together separately by two beads, a circular blue one and a diamond shaped purple one. She wears a golden crescent moon hairpiece on the front of her hair as well, and has purple eyes. Celestia also wears a light blue covering around her neck, with a blue colored dress that goes past her feet slightly. At the end is a white outline, and in the middle is another piece of decorated fabric. Her sleeves end slightly behind her hand, outlined at the end. You may have the same hair if you have the DLC and/or talk to Florina or beautician on Origin Island. You can also obtain her dress and hairpiece from the Origin Island goddess statue.

In game[]

Celestia's profile.

Fantasy Life[]


Battle Stats (At level 100)[]

Attack : 250

Defense : 750

Magic Attack : 500

Celestia's stats.

Magic Defense : 750


(To the Player) "{Player}! You have conquered the Trial of Light!"

(To the Player) "Just give me a moment. Let me think. You deserve something precious... Something DIVINE..."

Trivia: Name Meaning[]

Name Origin
Celestia Celestia means of the heavens; heavenly in Latin.