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== Bounties ==
== Bounties ==
*Enormous Ancient Fossil
*Enormous Ancient Fossil
*Great Gold Deposit
*Amazing Gold Deposit
== Mining-Locations ==
== Mining-Locations ==

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The Cave of Bones can be found to the North-East of Drysand Desert


Gold ore and Fossil Shards can be obtained throughout here.

The only two enemies located in the Cave are Skeletons, Gem Beetle Ballers and Hootlums. The skeletons have a chance to drop a Fossil Shard while the Hootlums have a chance to drop a Coal-Black Feather .


  • Enormous Ancient Fossil
  • Amazing Gold Deposit


Scattered throughout the Cave of Bones are many Great, Superior and Common Gold Deposits.

There are 4 Ancient Fossils within the cave which are located throughout which can be mined.


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