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This category lists alphabetically the bounties in Fantasy Life. Bounties can be obtained by defeating different bosses, mining special deposits, chopping down more unique trees than usual, or fishing Lordfish. But every enemy bounty does not have to be a boss. Spook is a good example.

Most enemies will actively attack Bounties, and the type of Bounty will determine how many hits it can take. Once its hit points are reduced to zero, then, the Bounty will disappear.

Weaker Bounties can make good decoys if the player finds that they are struggling. Otherwise, Bounties can be left in safe places (where enemies do not spawn, as enemies that spawn suddenly will not hesitate to attack Bounties) and even in other nearby areas, to avoid them being destroyed unintentionally.


Monster Boxes:[]

Wooden: 50 HP

Silver: 100 HP

Golden: 200 HP

Fish Bags:[]

Red (Only): 50 HP

Ore Sacks:[]

White: 50 HP

Red: 100 HP

Tree Panniers:[]

White: 50 HP

Red: 100 HP

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