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大工, Daiku
Carpenter Transparent.png
"Weapons and armor of steel and alchemical elixirs? No, yours is a more practical craft. What good is a Paladin if she has no bed to sleep in? All other crafts rest on the product of your skills. Literally."
Weapon Dagger (Default)
Tool Saw
Class information
Life type Crafting
Master Woody
Characters Sawyer, Cherry, Beavy, Beavo, Decker, Marimo
Game introduced Fantasy Life

The Carpenter is a Life you can choose to lead in the game Fantasy Life. It is one of 12 Lives that can be chosen as the player's main life at any time during the game by visiting the Guild Master (except during a story mission).

The Carpenter uses saws to make weapons, tools and furniture. There are 117 carpenter recipes in the base game and 161 with the DLC.

The Carpenter's Life Shop is located at Elderwood Village


Rank Stars Vitality Dexterity
Novice 0 - -
Fledgling 100 +2 +1
Apprentice 600 +4 +2
Adept 2000 +6 +3
Expert 8000 +8 +4
Master 18000 +12 +6
Hero 30000 +16 +8
Legend 59830 +20 +10
God/Creator 80000 +24 +12


When the player chooses the Carpenter life he learns 4 skills: Carpentry, Furniture Carpentry, Weapons Carpentry and Tools Carpentry. The max skill level is 15 (20 with the DLC). To unlock the new cap Legend rank must be reached and then, with the Carpenter life active, talk to Divinus. He will increase the cap of these 4 skills to 20 and upgrade the licence to God-in-Training rank.

Icon Name Description
Carpentry Skill.png Carpentry Your proficiency at carpentry. Raise your skill level to increase your selection of saws and improve your crafting speed.
Furniture Carpentry Skill.png Furniture Carpentry Gives you access to furniture item recipes, like tables and beds. The higher your skill level, the better your chances of crafting high-quality items.
Weapons Carpentry Skill.png Weapons Carpentry Gives you access to wooden weapons recipes, like staffs and bows. The higher your skill level, the better your chances of crafting high-quality items.
Tools Carpentry Skill.png Tools Carpentry Gives you access to wooden tools recipes, like fishing rods. The higher your skill level, the better your chances of crafting high-quality items.


When leveling a life, the player will gain several abilities. This abilities help by improving the life itself. Below is a list of Carpenter abilities:

  • Hop 'n' Chop
    • Upon reaching the Adept rank, the ability Hop 'n' Chop is unlocked, allowing the special skill gauge to be chargeable. Once fully charged, it can be used by pressing X button. This automatically completes the next 3 tasks perfectly in a row with Great performance.
  • Chop 'til You Drop
    • At Master rank, the Hop 'n' Chop ability becomes Chop 'til You Drop, increasing the number of tasks to 5.
  • Crafty Carpenter
    • At God/Creator rank, the Chop 'til You Drop ability becomes Crafty Carpenter, further increasing the number of tasks to 7.
  • Firm Grip
    • Upon reaching God/Creator, the ability Firm Grip is unlocked, allowing the special skill gauge to be chargeable twice. Once double-charged, this ability allows you to instantly finish your current recipe.
  • Extra Materials
    • Upon reaching Expert, the ability Extra Materials is unlocked, allowing the addition of an extra material. To view which effect each material has, see: Crafting Effects. At God/Creator rank and with the Carpenter life active, it's possible to add a second material. This material can only be a Divine Orb, and when used, the item crafted will always be of divine quality.
  • Wood Worker
    • Upon reaching Master, the ability Wood Worker is unlocked, allowing the name of the player to be added onto items they craft. This can be viewed by looking underneath Rarity on an item, in which it says Made by: "Player Name".


The Carpenter uses saws to make weapons, tools and furniture. Saws can be obtain from:

  • Shops that are all over the world.
  • Enemies Drops and Bounties.
  • Treasure chests that are all over the world.
  • NPCs. Such as King Erik Stone.
  • Crafted by Carpenters.

Some of them come with special effects useful to carpentry and when crafting more effects can be added. To see full list of effects visit Crafting Effects.

View Saws List
Picture Item Rarity Skill Level Normal Good Quality.png Great Quality.png Top Quality.png Divine Quality.png Special Effect Lives
Makeshift Saw.png
Makeshift Saw 0 Stars.png 1 6 6 6 6 6 ------ All
Oak Saw.png
Oak Saw 0 Stars.png 1 9 10 12 14 16 ------ All
Pine Saw.png
Pine Saw 1 Stars.png 2 12 14 16 18 20 ------ All
Palm Saw.png
Palm Saw 2 Stars.png 3 16 18 21 23 26 Higher quality rate +1% All
Sugar Saw.png
Sugar Saw 3 Stars.png 4 20 23 26 29 32 ------ All
Royal Saw.png
Royal Saw 3 Stars.png 5 24 27 30 34 37 ------ All
Sea Saw.png
Sea Saw 3 Stars.png 6 30 34 38 42 46 Higher quality rate +5% All
Gold Saw.png
Gold Saw 4 Stars.png 7 36 40 45 49 54 Higher quality rate +20% All
Ancient Saw.png
Ancient Saw 4 Stars.png 8 44 49 54 60 65 ------ All
Master Saw.png
Master Saw 5 Stars.png 11 54 60 66 73 79 Higher quality rate +25% Carpenter icon 1.png
Gigaga Saw.png
Gigaga Saw OI 5 Stars.png 12 50 56 62 68 74 Crafting time limit + All
Plume Saw.png
Plume Saw OI 5 Stars.png 13 65 72 80 87 95 Crafting S. Skill rate +25% All
Solar Saw.png
Solar Saw OI 5 Stars.png 15 70 78 86 94 102 Higher quality rate +30% Carpenter icon 1.png

Carpenter NPC List[]

There are a number of other Carpenter class NPCs around Reveria, who unlock challenges, provide equipment and plot. Talk to these when they have a ? over their heads.


  • Cherry (Poppy): Near Well (Day), Woody's House (Night) - Castele Artisans' District
    • Gives Boiled Egg x3 (Fledgling)
    • Unlocks the "Carpenter's Choice" challenge (Fledgling)
    • Unlocks the "Barrel Role" challenge (Apprentice)
    • Joins party at Adept
    • Gives Royal Saw (Master)
    • Gives Star Cluster x3 (God-in-Training/Demi-Creator)

Port Puerto[]

Elderwood Village[]


Class Challenges reward the player with Stars which accumulate to raise the rank of the player within the Life Class. Talk to Master Woody to cash in challenge rewards.

The U.S. Localization has differing names for many challenges. As such they will be listed after the U.K. localization names.


Challenge Instructions Stars
Fledgling Carpenter Visit the Carpenter master, Woody, and learn how to wield a saw. 100

Challenge Instructions Stars
The First Woodcut
(Starter Saw)
Make 3 Oak Beams from Oak Logs. 50
Angler's Answer
(Fisherman's Friend)
Make 1 Oak Rod using an Oak Beam. 50
Magician's Mate
(Magic Mate)
Make 1 Oak Staff using Oak Beams. 50
Casual Chair
(Have a Seat)
Make 1 Wooden Chair using Oak Logs. 50
Wooden Range
(Carpenter's Choice)
Make 3 items of furniture from the Wooden range, such as a Wooden Chair or a Wooden Low Table. 150
Woodcutter's Wonder
(Chop Shop)
Make 1 Oak Axe using an Oak Beam. 50
Archer's Arm
(Bow Wow)
Make 1 Oak Bow using Oak Beam. 50
Carpentry Toolbox 1
(Tools of the Trade)
Make a high-quality Oak Saw using an Oak Beam. 150
Finishing Touches
(Mini Master)
Make 3 small items of furniture, such as a Wooden Box or a Rubbish Bin. 150
Log Cabin Dreams
(Beam Dreams)
Make a high-quality Wooden Bed from Oak Beams. 100

Challenge Instructions Stars
Cunning Pine
(Fine Pine)
Make 5 Pine Beams from Pine Logs. 100
Gone Fishin'
(Reel Impressive)
Make 1 Pine Rod using a Pine Beam. 100
Mighty Pine Staff
(It's Magic)
Make 1 Pine Staff using Pine Beam. 100
Hole On!
(Patch Pro)
Make 1 Patched Hole using a Pine Beam and an Oak Beam. 100
Choppin' Time Make 1 Pine Axe using a Pine Beam. 100
Target Practice Make 1 Pine Bow using Pine Beam. 100
Carpentry Toolbox 2
(Help Yourself)
Make 1 high-quality Pine Saw using a Pine Beam. 230
Cross my Palm
(Palm Down)
Make 5 Palm Beams from Palm Logs. 150
Port Town Memories
(Coastal Chair)
Make 1 Port Town Chair using Palm Beams. 100
Tiled and Tested
(Tile Style)
Make a Tiled Dining Table, a Tiled Low Table, and a Tiled Cabinet. 350
Port Town Holidays
(Port-Town Portfolio)
Make a Port Town Bed, a Port Town Couch, and a Port Town Wardrobe. 350
Tile of Wills
(Treasured Chest)
Make 1 Tiled Chest using Palm Beams. 100
Plenty o' Palm Make a Palm Rod, a Palm Axe, a Palm Bow, and a Palm Staff using Palm Beams. 100
Barrels of Laughs
(Barrel Role)
Make 4 Barrels using Pine Beams. (Ask Cherry for recipe) 250
Carpentry Toolbox 3
(I Saw That)
Make a high-quality Palm Saw using a Palm Beam. 350

Challenge Instructions Stars
Sugar Rush Make 10 Sugar Beams from Sugar Logs. 400
Sweet Woodcutter
(Sweet Stroke)
Make 1 Sugar Axe using a Sugar Beam. 400
Sweet Hunter
(Sweet Shot)
Make 1 Sugar Bow using Sugar Beams. 400
Sweet Fish
(Reel Sweet)
Make 1 Sugar Rod using a Sugar Beam. 400
Sweet Magic
(Sweet Spells)
Make 1 Sugar Staff using Sugar Beams. 400
Starlight Seat Make 1 Starry-Night Chair using Sugar Beams. 400
Room Full of Stars
(Full of Stars)
Make 5 items of Starry Night furniture, such as a Starry-Night Chair or a Starry Night Low Table. 400
A Thousand Years of Dreams
(Sweet Dreams)
Make a high-quality Starry Night Bed using Sugar Beams. 800
Marvellous Mangrove
(Mangrove Madness)
Make 10 Mangrove Beams from Mangrove Logs. 600
Captain's Chair Make 1 Pirate Chair using Mangrove Beams. 400
Pirate's Parlour
(You Are a Pirate)
Make 5 items of furniture from the Pirate range, such as a Pirate Bench or a Pirate Dining Table. 1500
Scoundrel's Storage
(Davy Jones's Locker)
Make a Pirate Cabinet and a Pirate Chest using Mangrove Beams. 800
Pirate Perch Make a Pirate Bench using Mangrove Beams. 400
Seagulls and Sunset
(Berth Right)
Make a high-quality Pirate Berth using Mangrove Beams. 1200
Carpentry Toolbox 4
(Cutting Edge)
Make a high-quality Sugar Saw using a Sugar Beam. 750

Challenge Instructions Stars
Fantastic Fir Make 10 Fir Beams from Fir Logs. 800
Not All That Glitters Is Gold Make 1 Sparkle Axe using Fir Beams. 1500
Magical Fir Make 1 Mooncrest Staff using Fir Beams. 600
Crow Complex Make 1 Scarecrow using Pine Beams. (Ask Decker in the Port Puerto Marina for the recipe) 500
Capentry Toolbox 5 Make 1 high-quality Royal Saw using Fir Beams. 1000
Fancy Fishin' Rod Make 1 high-quality Famous Angler's Rod using a Mangrove Beam. 900
Somewhere Fir Me To Sit Make 1 Forest Chair using Fir Beams. 600
Deep Forests Dreams Make 1 high-quality Forest Bed using Fir Beams. 1000
Forest Home Furnishings Make 5 items of furniture from the Forest range, such as a Forest Chair or a Forest Low Table. 1800
Save Room For Desert Make 10 Desert Beams using Desert Logs. 1000
Shooting Arrow Make 1 Orca Bow using Mangrove Beams. 600
Treasure Chest Hunt Make 4 Treasure Chests using Desert Beams. 2000
Dark Sultan's Furnishings Make 1 Occult Low Table using Desert Beams. 600
The Dark Sultan's Seat Make 1 Chair of Atonement using Desert Beams. 600
The Dark Sultan's Table Make 1 Bloodthirsty Table using Desert Beams. 600
The Dark Sultan's Secrets Make 1 Ominous Cabinet using Desert Beams. 600
The Dark Sultan's Memories Make 1 Darkness-Eating Chest using Desert Beams. 600
The Dark Sultan's Nap Spot Make 1 Treacherous Sofa using Desert Beams. 600
The Dark Sultan's Night Terrors Make 1 Nightmare Bed using Desert Beams. 600
The Dark Sultan's Dresser Make 1 Other-Worldly Wardrobe using Desert Beams. 600

Challenge Instructions Stars
Carving Stars Make 10 Starry Beams from Starry Logs. (Talk to Beavy for the recipe) 1500
Starlight Magic Make 1 Star Staff using Starry Beams. 800
Seat Fit for a King Make 1 Royal Chair using Starry Beams. 800
Table Fit for a King Make 1 Royal Dining Table using Starry Beams. 800
The King's Carpenter Make 5 items of Royal furniture using Starry Beams. 3000
Earth, Water, Wind, Fire Make an Earth Beam, a Water Beam, a Wind Beam, and a Fire Beam. 2000
Staff of Pawwer! Make 1 Purrfection Staff using Earth Beams. 800
Water Rod Make 1 Whirlpool Rod using Water Beams. 800
Water Blade Make 1 Marine Axe using Water Beams. 800
Carpentry Toolbox 6 Make 1 high-quality Sea Saw using Water Beams. 1250
A Cloud of Bats Make 1 Bat Wing Staff using Wind Beams. 800
Burning Arrow Make 1 Flaming Bow using Fire Beams. 800
Desert Wind Make 1 Sandstorm Rod using Wind Beams. 800
Axe Goddess Make 1 Goddess's Axe using Earth Beams. 800
Sleeping under the Stars Make 1 high-quality Royal Bed using Starry Beams. 1500
Carpentry Toolbox 7 Make 1 high-quality Gold Saw using Fire Beams. 1500

Challenge Instructions Stars
Reach for the Skytree Make 10 Skytree Beams from Skytree Logs. 2200
Map to Adventure Make 1 World Map using a Skytree Beam. (Ask Decker for recipe) 2500
Fated Arrow Make 1 Destiny Bow using Skytree Beams. (Ask Woody for recipe) 3000
Sea of Snakes Make 1 Serpent Staff using a Skytree Beam. (Ask Marimo for recipe) 3500

Challenge Instructions Stars
Giant Trees Make 10 Gigaga Beams from Gigaga Logs. 3000
Divine Trees Make 10 Divine Beams from Divine Logs. 3000
Furry Furniture Make 5 items of Fluffkin furniture using Gigaga Beams. 3000
Livin' on a Cloud Make 5 items of cloud-themed furniture using Divine Beams. 3000
Astral Planning Make 1 Astral Window using Divine Beams. 3000
Carpentry Toolbox Complete Make 1 Plume Saw using Gigaga Beams. 5000


Main article: Carpenter Recipes

There are in total 161 recipes in carpentry divided into 4 main components: materials, weapons, tools and furniture.

Recipes for Carpenter items are given by the Carpenter Master, Woody, by all of the characters related to the carpenter life, by leveling up within the Class and for the DLC recipes by Divinus.