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Camilla (Japanese: カミラ Kamira) is a Hunter introduced in Fantasy Life Online.


A Vampire from "Devildom". He is pessimistic and gloomy, but likes to talk with people. The stake in his heart is a punishment from the past.


A vampire from the Devildom. Although he is a vampire, he doesn't like to drink blood and instead prefers tomato juice.

He has a dark and negative personality, and his speech is unclear and quiet. As a result, he's often asked to repeat himself. Then he becomes even more nervous and stammers even more. Nevertheless, he still likes talking to people and is afraid of loneliness, so people will often turn their head to find him standing behind and joining the conversation. Although he hopes to be good friends with everyone, the more attention he gets, the more his innately negative mentality and unclear voice become insurmountable, resulting in his failure to carry things out smoothly.

Because he is a demon, his body is filled with magical power. He is bad at getting up early, and his meeting Princess Liz of Al Maajik was also because he fainted on the side of the road due to lack of sleep.

He greatly admires the Dark Sultan Daemon and hopes that he can one day be as majestic and calm as him. Even though he is younger than himself, he still respects him very much.

The stake in his heart is a punishment from the past as well as a seal to prevent his power from running rampant.


*with max awakening

Lv HP SP Attack Defense Magic Attack Magic Defense
80 1083 217 620 366 315 366


Combat Skills[]

Battle Fury Vampiric Touch
Inflicts AoE damage and reduces targets' M.DEF. Increases your charge speed and grants you 3 Bat Loods. Shadow Element
Battle Charge Holy Whirlpool
Fires numerous Shadow arrows. The last arrow reduces Shadow RES of enemy hit. Shadow Element
Battle Charge Mercy Servant
Orders bats to charge and speeds up own charging. Skill effects changes when possessing Lood. Shadow Element


Passive Skill Bloodsteal
When a critical strike hits, increases Fury.
Passive Skill Night Vision
Increases critical damage.